Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #80 "1612"

"By being able to see 2 things in 1 you learn the concept of how we should truly think in life!"

Let me start by saying: Thank God it's Friday. My people we have made it to yet another weekend. Doesn't that just make you feel a certain type of way! Even when I don't have anything planned, I get pumped up and excited about the weeks end, simply because it's me time. There is time to go somewhere exciting or just chill with friends (Friday nights of course). There is time designated to relax (Saturday mornings...must recuperate from Friday night!) and there is time to reflect on how great God is in my life (Sunday...My life feels incomplete when I miss church). But enough about me. How are you? Are things well in your life? I sure hope so. If they aren't make some changes...simple!,

This morning when I woke up, I had a desire to read. Now this is not something that is new or surprising to me, it's just the fact that it was the first objective on my brain. I rarely wake up wanting to read, it's a feeling that just comes along sporadically as the day passes by. I love reading though, so of course I jumped right in on this intuition (Side Note: So many times in life, ideas come to our mind that may seem simple or unimportant, but in actuality these ideas are indeed the stepping stones towards something magnificent. You have to act on the idea first or you will never know!) I began reading this book that I purchased from the Salvation Army, "Americas Dates With Destiny" by Pat Robertson. Now for my true readers out there, be sure you stop by the Salvation Army, they seem to have great libraries.

From what I have read thus far, the author is bent on making sure the reader understands the true foundation of our nation, it's principles and what we will have to do in order to get back on track in the near future. It was amazing to me as I read the introduction and first two chapters, how centered our nation was on God and the teachings of Jesus Christ at one time. (the original reason for our forefathers coming over here was to spread the good Gospel, if you weren't aware.) But as time passed and people begin to think with their own motives and agendas versus the outright progression and equality of all people, this affiliation with religion as a part of our life began to dwindle. Not saying that I believe all things should be centered around religion, but all things should give reference to God!

As I began reading the section dedicated to the establishment of the American public schools and collegiate education systems, I was amazed at the monumental events that occurred year after year, both positive and negative, in the efforts of teaching our youth. We must keep in mind, that the land is new to us, we still have to share it with the Native Americans (Indians) and we solely rely on fiscal assistance from England. Most simple minded people would think that's all bad. But in actuality it was opportunity for individuals to leave marks, create traditions and make a difference.

One particular moment really caught my attention and it was ironic seeing what day of the week it is. No not the fact that today is Friday, again, but the fact that today is January 6, 2012 (1/6/12). This is where I got the idea to do my blog today. 1612 was a very important year for American Education. The first adopted definition of American Education was illustrated in a paper published in England entitled "New Life of Virginia". The reporter wrote "Take their children (Indians/Settlers) and train them up with gentleness, teach them our English tongue and the principles of religion." This made education as self explanatory as possible. Learn to do and act right amongst your fellow man, understand the grammar and tongue of your people and know that God should be the head of your life. Just imagine if we remained loyal and consistent to the original doctrines of our land....World might be a better place.

Also in 1612 the first surviving fundraising letter was written by Parson Whitaker and published in England by the Virgina Company. Now what in the world would he have been trying to raise money for you ask? Simply to educate the Americans (of course it wasn't called America then, but the people of the land were of the American soil, the New World.) Amazingly King James I was all for the idea of educating the people and provided his faithful support with acres upon acres of land and several well qualified men to get the job done. Unfortunately Reverend Whitaker drowned before he could see his vision and dream realized. Why was this? Who knows...but it was a sign, because a few years later, right in the midst of building Henrico College, it was abducted by the Indians, making Harvard the first college in America (1636).

As we move forward into the election year, we need to keep in mind, the doctrines that people propose and the people who are supportive of the listed ideas in these various doctrines. So many times good people will have their ideas corrupted by bad folk, not even knowing what's going on...where also in some situations we will find individuals who profess that they will do things one way and in actually have other plans in mind, gotta win the people first though right? Right...Take time and be thankful for those who have your best interest at heart and be mindful of those who may seem to be that way. Never get so caught up in your own beliefs that you forget to acknowledge the one whom all should believe in, God! Having a spirit to work alongside others and love even your enemies will lead you a long way. Embracing that very spirit will change the world! Have a great weekend my people. Speak to someone you don't know and enjoy every living moment that you are granted! Peace...


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