Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #82 "Crucial Baby Steps"

"Tuning in to Life's Channel...The only way to properly understand how Life Works"

Man am I happy that I made it into the house before the sky just decided to fall out from above. It's looking really bad outside in Huntsville, AL right now, the power is even out in some areas, but I guess this is good writing weather so here I go. How are you today? I am doing okay. As friend of mine once said, it's a good okay, so don't be too worried. There are just a lot of approaching deadlines that I have on my plate and I want to make sure that I get everything done in a timely and professional manner. That is why today we will be discussing "Crucial Baby Steps".

It is very important in life that we dream enormously. This means, that yes...that wild and crazy THOUGHT that came to your mind, you know the one everybody else would definitely say is not possible...Yea that one, you need to have multiple visions like that and have a strong belief that it will too come to past. Many times, people go shopping and see these remarkable makes and clothing designs, but are not properly equipped to purchase what they want. Now for some this matters not, because there will be times in life regardless of how much money they don't have or how many prior responsibilities they were committed to... They will still get something which they feel they just must have. This is when one must develop self discipline.

Why shouldn't you have the luxurious things in life? Why shouldn't you be able to travel anywhere in the world? Why should you even care? Everything that was put here on this earth is in our dominion and because of that there will be something that we find substance in. All over the world there are people that think, act and imagine like you. Although they may look completely different, the similar characteristic traits are undeniable. "Eventually our people will begin to judge a book by it's pages..." I often wonder who I have passed by or neglected in my life that would have been that great friend, listener and understander?

"I personally believe that things continue to remain out of our reach, simply because there is never a concrete process of making things happen!" Say for instance you want to save your money to get a new laptop. Based on your salary, bills and required expenses it will take you about 4 months to get it...But in that 4 month span, 3 of your favorite movies come out, 2 of your favorite artists release new albums, your top chosen clothing line releases a new season of wear, and oh yea that unexpected weekend voyage somewhere out of town comes up too and you know you can't leave your friends hanging... Well now you have created a bind. You will miss your deadline of trying to get the laptop, but more importantly what else will you have thrown out or reeled into your life, simply because you couldn't keep focus? This is something to seriously think about.

No one said that after crawling you have to walk... Who cares? If you can figure out how to run, just from crawling, then go right ahead. But regardless of who you are, you will begin your Earthly journey crawling everywhere you got to go, unless you are fortunate enough to be picked up of course... and who would want to be picked up their entire life? Exactly... "We all think and develop differently, but when we are able to reflect and progress with origin mentalities, success is very near!" How close are you to the basics? Do you feel success around the corner? Or are you too busy taking off shoes that fit?

As you go forth with your many aspirations, realize that anything is indeed possible. Also recognize that you will have to develop a plan of sequence. You need a point A and a time to get there and then the same for points B- whatever. Set a long term goal of what you want to do and then fill in the blanks. The best thing to do is become very open minded with the fill in the blank space, because the world has a very unique way of teaching us how to do things, who to associate with and what things to pursue. When you learn how to listen and evaluate, all things in life will be very simple. But until then, you will struggle...Trust!

The choice is yours, what you want to see and do, so make things happen. Think huge, but take your time and truly embrace each and every single one of those "Crucial Baby Steps" as you reach your life destinations. It's the middle of the week, so you know what I always tell you... Think back on what has happened thus far and prepare for the weekend. Speak to someone you don't know! Peace...


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