Sunday, January 22, 2012


"Indeed the artist can entertain an eliminate the gold-digger. The artist as well, can destroy the politician...But the artist is nothing without the people..."

I can honestly say that there is a lot going on in the world today and we are receiving so many signs. I wonder are we paying attention? Today I want to touch basis with various methods God will use to speak to us. When this happens, we must ensure that we are ready to take notes. These notes will be thesis statements to the term papers we call life. What will you write as your script?

There are several things in life that I like to avoid, such as  nagging, excessive arguing, causing scenes, being disrespected and so forth...but in order to understand where these notions of character are developed, I watch TV shows that display this or involve myself in situations that will force me to adapt. I will be using U.S. football to illustrate the Sunday Reflection today. Regardless of what your take is on this American style of the game, you want to examine the amazing way our creator will speak to us.

This weekend has indeed been rather interesting. I have been amazed by my daily experiences in the work place, the week leading up to it, as well my social encounters with family and friends...and of course the general interaction of the common everyday passing by of people. "When you take time to focus you will actually, rather easily, observe every single thing that is going on around you. With this ability you can create the atmosphere which you wish to dwell in." There are so many roles that must be looked at when making things in life function. "Whether it be family, scholastic or occupational related every individual plays a role that adds to the overall puzzle, of which we each are connected."

It really upset me today to learn of the death of Joe Paterno. Without going into deep detail of his resume, because I believe you should do some research on your own, just know that he is the winning-est coach in collegiate football history. I believe that it most upset me because of the reason I feel he died. Sure enough he was suffering from lung cancer, something he was diagnosed with shortly after being fired from his 60 plus year place of employment...but I believe he just got tired. With all the drama developing around the legacy of his tenure and the fact that he was pulled away from football, the one thing that gave him life, he could take no more. It baffles me how just weeks ago the media was bashing him for being tied into the scandals that took place at Penn State. Now, since he's dead you wanna talk good about him. People!

Recap time...let's look at what we read and compare what we know. Pennsylvania plays a very important role in American politics, it's the origin. This is where we laid the foundation to our judicial system and the guideline was set on how we would govern the masses. "Was this indeed something that was designed to be beneficial to the people...or just designed by people who were in search of benefits?" Regardless of the intent, the outcome is up to us! When we realize this, progression will come naturally for us. In Joe Paterno's 3rd season as head coach at Penn State he completed his 2nd consecutive undefeated season. Now back then the National Title was awarded by the President before any bowl game was played. Nixon picked Texas, who had previously lost to Penn State. Typical scandal...(let that sink in...)

Have you taken time to realize that it's a Presidential election year? Well, we'll come back to that... Let's take a look at the "Final 4" of the NFL. Representing my preferred conference, the NFC, you have the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants. From the AFC you have the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. This is very ironic seeing that it's 2012. Let's have another recap moment. Where was that place years ago, early Americans wished to journey to for gold? California right? And those people were called 49ers. When you think of New York, the term Giant says it all...from entertainment, to athletics to American history, the Statue of Liberty is there. Society has it's way of moving people from one place to another, at times not for good but at some point there is the unimagined success moment. Sounds like the Cleveland Browns turned Baltimore Ravens to me...How interesting they will be facing the New England Patriots a team that originally wore red, white and wearing red, silver and blue. Where is patriotism today? Who was it designed for?

Now not to say that any of these ball clubs individually represent the comparison I just made...but do keep in mind we need to recognize the foundational development of our society. Originally you have the Patriots who fought for freedom and developed documents that would create equality for the land, but have we lost sight of that? When we got settled, we got greedy. Knowing that gold would have deep value we began to do any and everything to get it...a materialistic matter. Lives were less important because of the 49er movement. Then we discovered as a people what we could do well, simply with our talents. We learned to become Giants fiscally and in popularity...but too much of something can tear you away from the necessities of life, this will bring tragic turmoil. That leaves the Raven, an animal observed as a figure of God in Siberia and parts of Asia. Formally just a Cleveland Brown (no offense), but now a one time Super Bowl Champion (should look up who they beat), in search of another opportunity. When you restart in life there are other opportunities. 

I believe Joe Paterno died because he felt there was no more opportunity. He was stripped from his position and he lost hope and will power. We can not do that as a people. His first opportunity to win a BCS title game as head coach at Penn State came against the #2 ranked University of Alabama. Penn State lost. Amazingly he died short after Alabama won the title being ranked #2. Last year, the Packers beat the Steelers in the stadium of America's team, the Dallas Cowboys. People who get government cheese can be just as successful as the man who runs the industry. You just gotta know what you are doing!

So many people play roles in making things work. At a school you need a principal that has a vision, knows all regulations and listens well. You need assistant principals who can implement programs, tend to the needs of the staff and students and keep close touch of records. You need teachers who will mold students and communicate with parents. You need staff members who will keep the facility and personnel functioning. And finally you need concerned parents. When all of this happens you will have the star pupil. Recognize your role and embrace the roles of others.Start paying attention to the people that are trying to run your country. Might run into a gold-digger, egoist, manipulator, entertainer or a people person right for the job. Make your voice matter! Don't wait for approval and remember...Never let man determine when it's the end for you. Walk strong in faith and believe that your purpose is greater than any obstacle that is before you. Be a lasting impression on the lives of others. Have a great week Be blessed. Speak to someone you don't know. Peace...


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