Monday, January 16, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #83 "Shall We Overcome?"

You know when you think and wait, things really do come to pass. I wonder why when we think and act, those same things get all messed up? This is something that has been challenging the character of our people for so long. Regardless of what race or religions you represent, the pathways of your current doctrines have withstood several situations to create concrete instructions. These instructions would be the examples that would guide our nations to prosperity and opportunity, supposedly.

I think back to the original days of our American civilization. Several colonies wondered over to a new land, only to find out things were not as peachy as expected...growing ill and low of supplies would indeed create desire for assistance. Who would help I wonder? The people who were already here of course. With this foundation, each people were able to give there abilities and work alongside one another. But we all know the worst drug of them all, greed, would have nothing like this to happen. 

"Sometimes in life, we all must grab hold to a dream...this being the only way everyone would gain from its manifestation!"

How are you'll doing today? I'm fine...I guess I'm just reflecting on this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday a little more intensely this year. Especially with the way things are going on in society. I'm tired of the people abusing the voice. We have the power and ability to speak about anything that the world has to offer, yet we choose to speak when it is for individual praise, intended harm or general gossip...while remaining silent when time to represent cause, evolution and justice. I have great concern for our future generations that will have to lead amongst a people that will soon feel no regards for standards in human regulations.

Time passes by so swiftly, that at times we forget to take note of things that happen and appear. We forget the importance of calendar systems and we show no regards to our tasks of retaining one another in conversation, reflection and meditation. You should not fear your ability to elevate your mind and inner understandings of your surroundings. Sit down one day, think of something important to you, close your eyes and take deep breaths. (that's the blog description just email me or leave your email for details). By connecting with the true connection anything is possible to recognize.

Shall we really overcome? I mean... Will any of us ever get the picture of what happened during the various movements of our civilization? I pray so, because the living conditions and mannerisms of the citizen community are getting ridiculous. These habitual patters are causing much discomfort in the hearts of our people, forcing them to retaliate in barbaric forms and methods. No one indeed enters society with ill proper motives. The trigger may be implanted genetically, but it must be embraced consistently to even have effect.

It's gotten so bad out here now and teachers are having to catch it the most. Not because they are not capable of doing their jobs, but because they are having to do their jobs and every other persons job as well. And unless you are some type of jack of all trades, that may be difficult for someone. A Black man was able to stand up and say something to the world in a nation of White supremacists, some of these even wanting him dead...but because of peace, they could find no reason. Brother Martin just needed a little more time.

If our people would have continued to walk peacefully, even after the assassination, I believe our country would be far better off now...guess will never get away from that eye for an eye mentality. It would take all day to explain that, but many of you get the drift. When things will involve lots of people, we must think collectively. The more chief like ambitions that are discussed, the more opportunities for failure are created. When methods are showing signs of progression, find ways to advance them. Don't allow position or tempting desire persuade you to disconnect from your source.

We can overcome...If we learn to pay attention and listen a little bit more. We would overcome if we tapped in a little more to equality components. We will overcome when we allow our individual gifts to emerge with the gifts of others and uplift society. We shall overcome when we recognize that we are all brothers and sisters...with this we will question our actions before they occur, knowing how siblings would handle that particular situation. In life we will be misguided and misled, we just have to know when to be humble enough to admit and remove.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! May our reflection create atmospheres of peace, equality and justice. May it inspire you to have an great week! Speak to someone you don't know. Much Love my people!


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