Monday, January 9, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #81 "Maintaining Mysterious Ways"

"Wisdom is understood from the beauty of mystery...Fearless journiers will not allow thrown rocks and tossed stones to prevent their knowledge of any matter"

Greetings Fellow Viewers! I am indeed honored that you stopped by to share a little bit of my THOUGHT process. I hope that you will become empowered and truly receive something from the messages, but enough with all the mushy stuff =^ ) Its a new week, so let's make sure that we have things in proper order and when the time becomes relevant be ready and prepared for action! “It’s a bit foggy in the land, but don’t let natures fatigue confuse your pathway.”

I want to discuss with you all today a very interesting topic entitled “Maintaining Mysterious Ways”. As I was trying to decide how I would display the 81st Daily THOUGHT, I was being assisted in my quest just by simply watching TV and walking around my people. Now please don’t get me confused and believe that I am referring to Blacks alone when I say my people…I am including every single race there is known to man. “Some days people need to see the world like the blind man! Maybe then we would be able to embrace one another without the physical attributes and notions being the initial perception…”

It amazes me how so many people will take bad things that happen and then try and blame God saying he works in mysterious ways, where in actuality…that’s only true, that he works in mysterious ways, when good things are done. This is when he truly is working...when things are for the good. Everything that is in the bad comes from us chosen to do whatever it is that we want to do and our influence from outside parties whether they be spiritual or physical.

We as humans become so predictable with our mannerisms and don’t even realize it. It will happen with things as simple as going to the same gas station every time that you go to fill up or get your extra necessities, ordering the exact same thing every time you go to your favorite restaurant and sometimes even to the point where you say the same thing in every bad situation, causing some form of hindrance that you will eventually wish you would have avoided. These mysterious habits are the things that we maintain.

As I was walking towards a building today there was a young women, of a different race, that was slightly ahead of me. As she walked to one entrance, she discovered that it was locked, so she turned around and pursued another entrance. As I approached the same entrance, “not knowing” of what had just happened prior to my arrival, I too discovered that the door was locked. Now did this woman see that I was headed to the same place? Did she pass by me in enough time where she could have warned me? Did she look right at me and keep walking? Yes, yes and yes! This may be a mysterious pattern that she has and doesn’t even realize it. Who knows? Or maybe she was racist…or she could’ve just felt that, um you just saw me not be able to get in, sooooooo what’s different bout you from me?

In this situation both parties had the opportunity to initiate conversation or simply attempt to implement an idea, which would have solved the simple problem of lacking communication. “Simply because we don not open our mouths, things do not become to reality.” If you don’t know, I am here to tell you the tongue is indeed the most powerful instrument on the body. As I got on the elevator in the building I began to engage in a conversation with another young lady, same race, and because of that when I got off the elevator someone else randomly spoke to me. Should I have let the idea that the first women just passing me by stop me from asking her was the door locked? No…but because of that who knows what I missed and who knows what she missed? We don’t, because we were not prepared.
As we continue to go about our daily walks of life, break away from the shell covered image of living that society has developed for us to dwell in. Over the years we have pulled so far away from the THOUGHT of including others in our life and now we as a people are beginning to pay for it. We have pulled away from allowing dreams and visions to lead the progress of our international nation. Personal agendas have overshadowed the true foundational elements of mankind. From the very beginning of time we still suffer, but the choice just as then is ours.

Each of us probably do some things that we consider to be really neat and cool…whereas one of our friends may only tolerate it simply because of how close the two of you are. Regardless of how anyone else may feel, that mysterious way of behaving is yours and yours alone. Good and bad is simple. If it’s meant for the manifestation of the will of God then yes, it is good….but if it is anything different then it is not good!  Make wise decisions, and things you need to get rid of, get rid of them. Then, create a mystique about yourself which will have others “Maintaining Mysterious Ways” that you established. Have a great week people. Think positive. Speak to someone you don’t know! Peace…


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