Monday, July 4, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #31 "AMERICA the Beautiful"

Happy 4th of July. Reflect! Enjoy! Be Safe!

Now why exactly we celebrate July 4th seeing that the Declaration of Independence was actually signed first on August 2nd and up until November of the same year, I have no idea but since that is the tradition and what we have grown accustomed to, it is what it is. Happy 235th Birthday to the greatest country in the world, the United States of AMERICA! I am so proud to say that I am a citizen of this great land. Not necessarily because it's AMERICA, but because of all the amazing things that have happened here since it's founding. I have always been a lover of history and of all countries, this one definitely has history.

When you think of the very beginning of this land that we call AMERICA, you must reflect upon the duties held by the Native Americans. These people laid the foundation to what many of us call home! Because of their ability to become one with the land and each other, they were allowed to innovate methods of survival that indeed influenced the rapid growth and production of the escape ground from the home of the British. I would be dumb if I didn't mention the crusade of our settlers, but I would be even dumber if I hadn't started with the original people of this the AMERICA.

I look at the crusaders, i.e. Christopher Columbus, etc. just as I look at people like the President of the United States. For someone to be bold enough to take on a responsibility of that magnitude deserves nothing but the utmost respect. To risk your life and the safety of others all to complete a mission is indeed admirable and worthy of true celebration. I also applaud the men, who were bright enough to siege this opportunity and break away from the rulings of an unfair kingdom. Do you understand the level of knowledge and the routine of studying that had to be practiced in order to go somewhere and start a new country? Not to mention, the monetary system was now beginning to make its true mark as the source of anything functioning.

It's ironic how so many inventions were pat-toned by people who's skin was of various colors, seeing that AMERICA was named after someone from Spain, who later discovered AMERICA (yea, some 15 years after Columbus...Amerigo Vespucci).Because there was really no printing accessibility, it was very difficult for early expeditions to be recorded and dispersed amongst areas far from the source. Because a printing press was available in Lorraine & Saint-Die people were now finally able to study the "New World" findings, only this time 1492 wasn't the year of concentration.

What still blows me to this day however, is how our founding settlers found it a need to acquire slaves and treat them in the manner that they did. I will save this speech for another time since this date is looked upon as a time of glorious reflection. But the mere THOUGHT of it all will never leave my head! Seems like we always wish to cover up the truth in order to hide mistakes. Get over that way of living. Face your mishaps and make a change that makes a difference.

I could go on and on about how I feel about "AMERICA the Beautiful" as well I could continue to discuss her rich history, but there are only a few things that I want to touch base with. As we take time off from the work place, sit back with family and friends, enjoying great cooking and fellowship, also take time to remember what "AMERICA the Beautiful" actually is. We came here for Equality, Justice and the Right to live FREE! I have been in this country a little over two decades and honestly I have yet to see any of this manifest! Now before you get it out of context, don't assume that I am just talking about the government. I also am talking about us.

Instead of us fostering Equality, we treat one another sometimes as if we aren't even human beings. Instead of implementing Justice, we incriminate ourselves and our peers simply because we can. And finally instead of expressing Freedom, we keep our mouths closed and shut off the ability to think and live individually because we feel we have to. Is that not what AMERICA is truly supposed to be about? When will we as Americans step up and take back our country. When will be become the chief Innovators and Thinkers of the world again? And when will we EVER be "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"? Time, just like a baseball starting pitcher, is winding up! We got time to make things right people. How bout we start today on our Birthday! Celebrate and enjoy the fact that you are living and in a land where all dreams can come true! Thank God that he has protected us in times of need and be sure that you greet one of your fellow citizens today. We all come from the same tree...


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