Friday, July 8, 2011


Regardless of the hand you are dealt, you still gotta go for 7 books when you playing spades!

Thank God it's Friday! Hey people! How are you? Hope that all is well. As you know on Friday, I give the audience an opportunity to pick the topic and then I write the message, well this week our topic comes from an up and rising Music artist D. Flowe. As I thought of how I would relate this topic and still find some way to be different from the others, it kind of all just came to me, as I thought about making music with my band members Plan3t 3 the other day.

We were in a very hot atmosphere, because the air was out...But the more we got into the music, we didn't even care how it felt, we just wanted to feel the connection that is given with great artistry and musical interpretations. This week I took the time to highlight some of the issues that are going on in AMERICA. I also brought some ideas to the table on how we should operate as citizens of this land. Sure enough I don;t agree with much of what goes on here, but I am very grateful.

When you examine the situations that you are in you must remember that you are still living. So many people no longer have that privilege of living life. That alone should serve as strong enough testimony for how good we have it! Regardless of the pigmentation of your skin we all are more than blessed to be breathing. When natural disasters hit, they don't ask for your gender, race, religious preference or sexual orientation, they just come through, leave you in aw and watch as you alter your entire life pattern do the the results of a circumstance.

Regardless to how bad the money in my pocket may look, how many people want to destroy me, how many obstacles come my way or how much pain I may think that I have to endure....I'm still " AMERICA". Take this weekend and make it a stress free celebration. Get in touch with your inner-self and see how you really feel. "Life is only a song that you are the composer of...Go out and make some hits!"  


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