Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #33 "AMERICA the Now"

What AMERICA are you living in?

Ever took the time to just sit outside and listen as the birds sing, as the winds blow, as the animals move about, as the cars sound, as the kids laugh and play or as the world turns? If you hadn't you should and you should start today! Sometimes you just have to go back home. Many college students experience this when they leave the nest and venture off into independence, especially those who may travel long distances, sometimes across the country. Home sick would be a great way of describing it. Seems like today, that's exactly where we are in AMERICA, Home Sick!

I reminisce about the days where my grand-parents used to tell me that they could leave the doors open in the neighborhood and not have to worry about anyone coming in and stealing or doing harm to them. Everyone was friendly to one another and helped one another out. I have even heard stories of how children and even adults would just walk in to the homes of their friends, sometimes only just to speak. Where has all that gone?

For Blacks it seems like the mission was equality, integration and opportunity. However those efforts only brought us injustice, public prejudice and the highest unemployment rates in history! Sometimes it makes me think how would things have been if the blacks of that time would have just went their own way and formed their own type of government and their own military services. Do you know how many people and allies probably would have teamed up with the blacks to get rid of the greed filled white man? Just think about it!

Not to say that there have not been several whites who have stood by blacks since the beginning of time, but one voice can only make a difference when it touches the masses. People come up with great ideas everyday, but what is the purpose if you aren't going to embrace it and implement what you believe? We live in a country now, where so many people have so many ways that they feel would help change society, but instead of getting up and doing something about it, we just sit there. "AMERICA the Now" has made it common to look at everyday necessities as secondary issues simply because of a brawling political system that is being ran by individuals who desire to secure themselves and their families versus working to secure an entire nation.

As an employee of the school system, you are allowed to witness the everyday routines of even the smallest citizens. Great observations can be made about their thought process, way of reasoning, people habits and work ethics. Are the kids not a reflection of the adults? So many people want to place blame on the teachers nowadays, expecting them to not only serve as mind nourishers (yes I made that up), but also disciplinarians, baby sitters and magic workers! Where they do that at? Our communities, churches and families have to once again take the collective effort of bringing about adjustment. I think that it may be wrong for us to automatically expect change in this time of society, simply because people have become programmatic in the conditions of an international community. If we take it step by step a goal can be reached.

We live in a society where it seems wrong to speak to your fellow man if you aren't from the south. We live in a society where it seems uncool to say yes sir and no ma'am to our elders, anywhere.We live in an environment that is not only polluted by the trash of lazy citizens, but the horrific energies of those same people who just seem to take up space and let the world pass them by. We live in a society where an education is becoming pointless. Students work so hard to live out the American Dream of getting an education and finding that fantasy job to build that fairy tale family, but when they get that degree, they have to sit and search, usually for years not because of them being unqualified, but because of an ever failing economy. That is "AMERICA the Now"

My people I advise you step up if you want things to happen. Speak them into existence and believe that your desires will come to pass. Instead of being jealous of the success of another individual, find out how you can be of assistance and watch how doors will open up for you as well. Instead of having such an un-kind spirit be courteous to strangers and watch how peaceful your life will be. Having a warm accepting spirit will allow others to attract to you like magnets. When this happens it makes dealing with the ways of the world so much easier. We have the minds, we have the ideas, we just have to gain the ambition and aspiration. Make it happen people. Go out and adjust the world!


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