Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #38 "The Broken PROMISE"

What cracks Your shell?

From the blowing of fast air on the cartridges of the original Nintendo games, from having to constantly press the reset button on every other console that came along as technology advanced. To slamming laptops and throwing cell phones in the water because these products simply weren't performing on the level of expectation. We have all encountered situations where the expected PROMISE of the product was Broken. Some people have had trouble with home appliances, vehicles and sometimes even the machines used to prepare or store our foods and other necessities.

Believe it or not, a lot of that comes from the inner belief towards the advertized promise, becoming an outward expression. "When you believe something is a certain way and then begin to solicit a feeling towards that object, you then create and environment of anticipated results." However we must remember not to acknowledge such pieces as full pies. What does that mean you say? Man made objects are exactly what they are called....Man made, so the idea that these products will function in a perfect manner is obsolete and righteously should be disregarded, because the moment that you most need it to work or prove your declaration, that's when it fails to perform.

Interesting how a minister once said in a sermon that people tend to praise the blessing and leave out the bless-er, that is a big no, no. I believe that we have certain devices to do certain things and we should respect them accordingly. When you glance at how technology has improved over the centuries, it's amazing to see how powerful the THOUGHT processes were for our crafty innovators. They were able to piece together a puzzle that has kept it's shape and in some cases even expanded.

One thing we can not forget however is that everything in life comes from trial and error. And some of the most important inventions came from making a mistake. We must analyze our lives in the same light. We do things because that we believe are appropriate for the time being. Whether that action be right or wrong, it is what we decided to do. We must make sure that we are making notes of our habits, abilities, demeanor's and ways of living. Once we do that, we may then begin an investigation on ourselves. Evaluate yourself to see what makes you happy, what makes you upset, what makes you distracted and what makes you prosperous. Once you know this information like the back of your hand, apply it to your everyday life and watch how things begin to manifest.


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