Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #36 "PROMISE Keepers Losers Weepers"

A man is only as good as his word...

I know that everyone remembers that phrase from when we were little: "Finders keepers, losers weepers", well it has come back into play today. Only this time, I replaced finders with PROMISE. Let me explain why...This is the "Week of PROMISE" in #TheScoop and I THOUGHT this would be a very interesting challenge for me to tackle. You must understand that this is knowledge that I write fresh every morning, like going to the meat market and watching the butcher cut it...When I wake up, whatever I am thinking, that's what you get.

I guess you can say that I have made that PROMISE to myself to get up and make sure that I spread the word to someone, even if it is just one. We find ourselves in situations where we are dependent on the vocal delivery of certain individuals in our lives. We see ourselves expecting to receive something, especially when the feast has been laid before our eyes. Is that wrong to do? No! If someone says that they are going to do something then you should expect them to do it. The moment that you begin doubting the actuality of it happening, it then becomes a possibility, and let me warn you...Possibility is a dangerous energy.

For those who follow my blogs pretty frequently you know how much I like to discuss how relevant the energies that we give off are, to our lives and all the life in our surroundings. With the energy of possibility, you are then put in a place to prepare for something, anticipate something, adjust for something to arrive and even promote to others for something that has now become not necessarily guaranteed. Man...what a bind this is. By speaking your emotions on the subject matter, you are then placing the results into the hands of the atmosphere, so be careful what you say and what you wish for!

"PROMISE is such a strong word, that is used so weakly"...We are such humans when it comes to pleasing ourselves through others. We live in a manner in which we determine how we feel based on what others feel about us. We must learn that it is our job, indeed, to care for others but not be subject to the judgement of people unworthy to judge. You must make a PROMISE that you will love others as you love yourself...First and foremost. I will be the first to tell you that I will give my last for another person, as well I will be the first to tell you that I will help anyone in any fashion that I can. If I was unable to put myself on the same pedestal, then that would only be a statement and I would indeed be a loser.

Don't mistake the word loser for somebody who is worthless or of no importance. This simply means that you were defeated in battle. This life we live is a war and you either have several allies or several enemies. Whatever PROMISE you make or break will determine what color light sabre you are fighting with! Just cause you lose doesn't mean that it is over. All this means is that you have to find away to not be in that situation again. You must PROMISE yourself that you will do what it takes to get where you want to go and be what you want to be. I mentioned in yesterday's Sunday Reflection how we must listen when God speaks to us. He made a PROMISE to us as well and he fulfills it day by day to those who are willing to believe and receive. Are you ready to be a PROMISE Keeper and dwell in positive energies or do you plan on remaining a Weeping Loser? Your Call...


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