Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reflection #2 "WHEN HE SPEAKS...YOU BETTER LISTEN!"

Pay Attention ALWAYS! You Never Know Where Your Message Will Come From!!!

First giving honor to God who is the head of my life, I want to thank each of you who take time out to read my blog. I would love for you all to become followers and start leaving comments. Let's use this medium to manifest good things in our lives. It's very seldom that you will find an opportunity to be expressive and interact with a writer on pressing issues, especially one in the building stage of their calling fulfillment. I am so blessed to have been given a gift with words. Help me use this gift to help the world! The time is now. Hope you are listening with your eyes...

This topic for today is so powerful. As I have began to grow in my faith, God has opened my heart, mind and soul to so many things of the world. He has shared with me visions that would seem of insanity to the common THOUGHT process. We must learn to expand our minds beyond that of which we see with the naked eye! We must learn to hear things other than just what we are listening to at that moment. We must collect all the sounds that surround us. Because God works in mysterious ways, it's no coincidence when overwhelming things happen in our favor or in accordance to some situation that we are dealing with. God will use our friends, colleagues and even strangers to give us answers to all questions, those that we have been pondering over for long periods of time and even those that we hadn't even asked yet!

Pay attention to the next time someone pops in your head sporadically, not because of some emotion that you have created and now you have them in your imagination, no...Just the genuine recognition of their being. There is some reason that they are on your mind, figure it out. When we pass by people or we see people in our everyday situations, God is speaking to us but we have to make sure that we are listening. Ray Charles was one of the most talented musical artists to ever grace this planet, and he did it as a blind man. Because he couldn't see, his ears became his eyes, his hands, his feet, his nose and most importantly his inner-being became his eyes. Whenever we have enough faith to let our inner-being become our eyes, we are then on the road to righteousness.

The Bible teaches us that any man that is righteous will face afflictions, but that does not mean that you have to suffer pain. God gives us dominion to not only rule over the land but also over the spirits and ways that corrupt the earth, from selfishness and jealousy to sickness, pain and suffering. We must speak out against those beings, have faith when we do it and not allow our self pride or misunderstanding to block us from our blessings. Too many times we are in situations where we think everything is going against us, we feel as if we are the one suffering, gathering emotions that the situation isn't fair and ready to blame and point the finger on everyone else but ourselves, when in actuality we are the root of the problem. Because we are humans, when we finally realize that, it's usually too late.

We point fingers and then join crowds that do the same. We listen to what we want to hear and block out the things we feel are unnecessary or just irrelevant to us. Simplicity as an art at it's worst. Sometimes the simple things are the things that mean the world of difference, but when that is absorbed as a mentality of thinking it then forces the individual to submit their mental and psychological freedom to the ways of the earth, which is ran a lot by the Devil, he is busy. And please don't believe because you are up in the church or regarded as being holier than thow that you will not be tested, tried and even submerged by the ways of the enemy. There is only one perfect man that walked this earth. You have to be mature enough to accept when you are wrong and listen to God when he tells you the answer. You will never know where the answer will come from, but you will know that it is the answer, whether you like it or not.

As you begin your week, relax a little bit more and actually take time to observe the things that are going on around you as the world turns. When you pray this week ask God to give you clarity. Ask that he will walk you right into what you are meant to be. Ask that he would guide your feet, your mind and your tongue. Tell him to dispatch your angels out into the world to move on the hearts of those who can help you see what you need to see to fulfill his will. He has intrusted in us great deeds and missions. It is up to us to follow through and be obedient. He's calling you daily, remember we don't know how long it'll be before that phone stops working...So "WHEN HE SPEAKS...YOU BETTER LISTEN!" Think about it! Love you'll! Have a Blessed week.


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