Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #37 "Is there any PROMISE in that?"

It's all in the expressing...Think about it...

Webster defines the word doubt as: "To waver or fluctuate in opinion, to be uncertain respecting the truth of fact, to be undetermined, to question or hold questionable, to withhold assent from, to hesitate to believe and to suspect or see in suspicion. Wow! That is a lot, but still very simple and concrete all at the same time. "Doubt is the prelude to the musical masterpiece ~Can't~"...Can't is a movement composed by composers that are not sure of things and composers of earthly mental dwelling.

See when your mind is fixed on the interpretation of what someone else believes or practices, you then become content with the methods and motives of people rather than the correctness and appearance of a situation. By sacrificing opportunity, you only submit yourself to the negatives of possibility. Expression is made upon what we believe is Promised in a circumstance or idea. We must ensure that we are collecting and filtering the THOUGHTs that make up our daily actions.

If you think something should be done and it will benefit a majority in a positive light...Why not? Go for it. The fact that someone is saying that it won't happen or road blocks that just seem to appear out of nowhere pop up only solidifies that the test of your faith is upon you. It is so simple for things to go the way that we want, when we are doing positive and speaking things into existence. The matter of you believing will determine how long it takes and to what extent your mission will be manifested. We live in a time where dreams have become just what they are called instead of the blueprint to innovation that helps shape the world!

How long can we sit and pretend as if we don't base our actions or beliefs towards people simply on what they can PROMISE us. It's actually sad to me, because I look at life as an opportunity to gain from association. By aligning yourself with multiple personalities and ways of thinking, regardless of what they can physically give you, you must respect and appreciate the mental challenge and development that will be established from the many acquaintances. You will be tested from all different levels on several different occasions.

When looking out into the adventures of the world, determine if there is any promise in that. When doing for others, don't do things for recognition or the belief that you will get something as an equalizer to your services. Do good things and know that there is a PROMISE of great reward and favor to those who go about things in that manner. When taking risks, know that it is exactly what you want to do and not the influence or adaptation of a particular surrounding. Think it through and you will be fine! A lot of stuff coming today, so enjoy!


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