Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #40 "PROMISE as I Would Use it"

Where are you with PROMISE?

The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language defines PROMISE as "A declaration made, as to another person, with respect to the future, giving assurance that one will do or not do something, or that something shall or shall not happen; a pledge; vow; something that has the affect of an assurance; and indication of what may be expected; an indication of fulfillment or future excellence."

When comparing to the moods and personalities of individuals, a PROMISE is something that is agreed upon to happen between oneself or a group of people, but is subject to alter due to the occurrence of certain situations and motives of the involved parties. When you look at the government and military units, there are several things that are not supposed to happen as well several things that governed citizens should know about because of a PROMISE, or oath that was taken by the elected or appointed officials, but because of their own judgement, they choose to do and say what they want to say.

Many people find themselves in relationships that are full of PROMISE, especially at the beginning, but as true traits of the human begin to become exposed, it become really difficult to strand true to the original purpose. No man made thing is of full PROMISE, so we should never depend on it to be so, nor should we react in a manner of frustration because something stopped working or malfunctioned, because it was meant to do that. Just as we were born in a world of sin, it was made in a world of imperfection. So deal with it. 

I hope that you learned a little something from the "Week of PROMISE". Be careful how you use that word, because some people only know the definition, they haven't been exposed to the way things go when people put themselves before their word. Some people still assume that things are genuine. Be kind to someone you don't know and I PROMISE something special will happen.


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