Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #39 "What You Know You Will Never PROMISE!"

Really? No you don't!

As you know I usually designate the 4 & 9 Blog for my viewers opinions. So this week I want you to tell me about the things "What You Know You Will Never Promise!" even if you have felt that for years or you just recently came to that conclusion because of some life changing experience. I mentioned earlier in the week how strong this word is and how loosely it is used however. Let me know what the word means to you as well.

 I like to think about how parents always make comparisons to their parents. It's funny how there are the things that you automatically know you are different from the two parties and then there are the things that you don't have to be a parent to experience. If you reflect to when you were growing up, there were things that your parents told you to do or that they did on their own, which you said you would never do in any lifetime...But as you got older, my, my, my the similarities.

Put some THOUGHT into your expressions. The person with the best response will receive a FREE ticket to The "Reading is Fun...The Mental" Benefit Dinner to be help on Friday July 22, 2011, 7pm at J's Special Occasions. Looking forward to your entries.


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