Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Reflection #3 "THE WILL OF GOD IS OF THE KINGDOM"

Really listen to your heart...It WILL tell you the right thing!

It's still overwhelming to me in what mysterious ways our Lord and Savior works in. How he will put us in situations where we will be able to notice that he is speaking to us. The hard part is actually recognizing what he is saying and what we are supposed to be doing in reaction to what has been put before us. From the usage of vehicles, to people we have never seen before, to the weather, words that our friends say and even something that surprisingly occurs at the workplace, we all get signs...It's just the matter of when we will finally pay attention?

For some purpose we each were put here and because of that, God loves us each as his own...Yes, even if you are way off in left field, doing things you know you shouldn't be doing, putting yourself and others in horrible situations, stressing yourself out over uncontrollable things, being disobedient to your heart or even causing physical harm to others...He still loves you and WILL forgive you, if you ask and believe. There are so many blessings that are out there just ready to be received, but we have to walk into them and the only way that is possible is if we understand what exactly we are walking into and we listen with all of our senses, not just our ears.

The WILL of God is like the constitution of the United States of America, only he doesn't write something, declare something or say something and then make complete and total disregard to what he has fostered as to be true and confirmed. Sure enough the constitution sounds great, but who in the U.S. can actually say that we are running our country based on the beginning principles of the founding fathers? Heck, that was thrown out of the window the moment that our settlers invested in slaves. Please dismiss me from any conversation that involves the the astonishing amazement of the American way! Because honestly to me that is a bunch of crap.

We are so blessed to be able to live in a nation where people like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bill Clinton walked the same places that we are able to align our feet with. These gentlemen were prime examples of God's will and a testament that God makes no mistakes. If you can't step outside now and feel that something astonishing is about to happen, you need to sit down and do a little recollecting. So many energies are controlling the atmosphere now. We are amongst a war that we are not even aware of, but we steady fight in it on a daily basis! I will let you figure that one out.

When the children of Israel were set free, they wondered in the wilderness for 14, 600 days on a journey that could have been finished in 11 days. Now why is that? Simple, that's what happens when you are disobedient. See this is the thing, God made a promise to his people and so he made sure that he adhered to that. But just as he promised to secure their existence, he also asked that they do as they were told. The fact that they would soon reach safety was affirmed but the way by which they would get there, it was on them.

God has prepared something special for each of us and if we are Willing to embrace his presence, we will be able to achieve and obtain things that are far and beyond anything that we would have ever imagined. There is something that God has in his WILL for you as well. What are you doing to make it happen? What are you learning from the people around you and the situations that occur in your life. What are you noticing from the places you are going and things you are seeing?And most importantly, when are you going to start doing something about it? Time is steady winding up. Why leave this earth having something inside of you that could have been shared with the world. Why leave this earth feeling that you are incomplete and unfinished? "The WILL of God is of the Kingdom"...Are you?


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