Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #10 "Touching DAYS"

Those days where nothing else will do, those are “Touching DAYS”. When you feel like something is missing and the only way for things to get better is for that special something to appear, those are “Touching DAYS”. When you get that mindset of completion or accomplishment, as if you are on top of the world, those are “Touching DAYS” and of course when you get that feeling…Oh that feeling, where you just have to be with someone, even if only momentarily, those are “Touching DAYS”.

We find that in this life we live, there will be several of those moments. We find that as we engage is fun activities that we develop a team of like minded individuals who think somewhat like we do. This then becomes quite intriguing to us and we quest to find more people like that. Or at least we should, do you? To be able to create a memory is like having one of the many powers of God right at your fingertips. If one is able to imprint a lasting impression in the mind of another person or thing, then a true connection has been formed, “Touching DAYS”. Memories to me are like friends, sometimes you love them and sometimes you don’t. But either way they touch us.

I must tell you all the reason that I am using this topic for Daily THOUGHT #10. As you know one of the Blog Viewers is the inspiration behind Friday Blogs. Today’s featured viewer is my good friend and sister DeUndra B. I told her that I was going to use our experience as the topic, because it was a hilarious moment! A serious moment, but we found a way to make it positive.

Everything was going well. She came to pick me up so that I could run some errands. We got in the car; turned on the air, bumped a little music and we were cruising. It seemed like nothing would go wrong, until…Yes you know that moment when everything pauses and you look at your friend and say “What the….?” Well you all know the rest. See we kind of had a moment like that, only we remained positive. “Laughing will cure any mental disease!” Now I know you are wondering what was going on, well let me tell you. So the car starts to cut off whenever it wants to. Drive a mile, car go to sleep. Drive a mile car pass out. Drive another mile car faints and it finally got to the point where the car was laughing at us for trying to get it go anywhere. The car was just dying of laughter or something.

I realized that the car needed a tune up basically from what it was doing alone. We went to a mechanic and he said the same thing, but because of his overwhelming labor charge, we were willing to take the risk of struggling to get home. I mean we were pulling into parking lot after parking lot, to prevent from cutting off on a main street. If you were watching us for a long period of time, you would have THOUGHT that we were making a film. Now mind you it’s got to be no less than 300 degrees outside. We were drenched!!! But then came the saving moment.

DeUndra had got to the point where she was about ready to just park somewhere and wait a while, but she looked up to the sky and said the most hilarious thing I had heard the whole day…”Lord just TOUCH the Car”…”You ain’t gotta do nothin’ else but just come down here and touch it!” When I tell you that I was weak from laughing, my eyes watered from chuckling so much. Of course I added more to it. “Lord just carry the car”, “Lord just breathe on the car”, “Lord just slap the car”. We were trying to think of anything that would get us home.

Sure enough after all this, it cut off again…and again, but eventually we made it to our destination. Because we were able to laugh amongst opportunities of embarrassment, anger and frustration, it made a trial not to be that bad and it made being upset not an option. Create “Touching DAYS” all the days of your life. “Make everyday worth the memory that it shall soon become!”


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