Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #27 "You're FIRE!"

Hello everyone. I hope that all is well. For you that are just tuning in...This is the week of FIRE, so all of our topics this week will be related to this particular element. Thursday you will have your chance to discuss your version of FIRE or what it means to you through the topic: "The FIRE Deep Within Us All". I look forward to your entries.

Lets take a look at the term FIRE...This element is the rapid oxidation of a material in the process of combustion, relasing heat, light and various reaction products. The flame is the visible portion of the fire and consists of flaming hot gases. Depending on the surrounding at the time, the color and intensity will vary. That's a lot, but basically explains how the combination of heat, oxygen and fuel create a chain reaction that becomes this amazing thing that is quite fascinating or distructive.

Just like with anything else in our life, things will be fascinating or destructive. Many people are unaware of the positive things that fire implements other than cooking, such as stimulating growth and maintaing various ecological systems. As mentioned yesterday we have to look at ourselves as elements of the Earth look at us...It's all in the reaction. We tend to forget that we are too, supposed to stimulate growth and maintain the ecological system (our way of living).

We must examine and be reminded that we are sponges until the day that we leave this place. "Our surroundings will determine what kind of flame we light the world with..." I like to refer to that old fashion church song "This Little Light of Mine"...Are you letting it shine? And how big is little? You should ask yourself these questions and do a little self-evaluation. What are you doing to stimulate progress, productivity, positive energies and growth to whatever surroundings you are in. We also can't forget that we are somewhere doing something for a reason. Half stepping should be a past time! We should be shinning at all times.

As I travel into certain neighborhoods or various places of a city, it's so easy to find litter and trash that people couldn't wait to get rid of at some other time, so they just dropped it where they were. So amazing how humans are the same way...We bring our personal issues into the workplace, social gatherings, functions that are supposed to be uplifting and even around the people who we claim to love and sometimes even to those who we don't even know. Personal baggage, which I like to call "personal litter" is something that we must learn to hold until we are in the company of ourselves and/or the people who are willing to help us. Placing the energies of your burdens on others will only make situations worst.

Critical thinking is a must. We have to learn how to observe and react. If you don't do it in a timely fashion, you will put yourself in a predicament where it may be too late. "You're FIRE!" You just have to learn at what...Once you find this allow your flame to be bright, because someone is always watching you. We live by what we see and do by what we feel. Show something through your FIRE that will make a world difference! You have the ability to do anything you put your mind to. Don't let negative "FIRE Fighters" put your flame out...Show the world that you are full of purpose!


Set the world on FIRE with Your Purpose!

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