Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #23 "NO Room for Mediocrity"

I think that I will keep this one short and to the point. I know that you all have had a lot to read today, seeing that I have posted about 4 blogs already, so I won't stretch this one out as much. I like to believe that the tongue is the most powerful instrument on the body. I am extremely confident that we can pretty much speak anything into existence. We have that power.

We also have the power to create the energies that surface around us. Now what is so important about energy? Simple...Without it you are unable to handle your everyday tasks. You need energy to operate, something like a house. The energy provided by electricity allows your lights to come on. You having energy allows you to get up and do things that are productive. As well, energy is the root of controlling positive and negative events that occur in your life.

In the world we will be faced with challenges that will make us embrace certain levels of energy. Depending on how difficult the task, we may respond differently than we would to a normal life situation. The more effort and energy that we have to put into something increases the effect of success or failure. If we think small, we operate small. If we think big, we make grand productions. This idea must be carried in our THOUGHTS, our actions and our surroundings.

So the next time you have to do something and you can do a 1/2 job, take a look at yourself and determine if you really want to continue being Mediocre or do you want to be the best. Next time that you have an opportunity to speak up about a situation and give some insight on how things could be better and you don't...Only blame yourself and your Mediocre tendencies if things go wrong or not the way you plan them to. Always strive to do your very best. Mediocrity means that you are willing to settle and that any result will suffice. Don't cheat yourself short, you deserve better.


How high will you raise your Bar of Life?

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