Friday, June 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #15 "Poor Business Judgement"

As I was sitting here watching the news last night night with two of my frat brothers, we were amazed and extremely shocked to see that the airport spent $24,000,000 on a luggage carousel. Yes my fellow readers 24 MILLION DOLLARS on a machine that spins suitcases in a circle at a rate of about 3 feet every 10 seconds. What in the world are we coming to? Now maybe if you spent that much money on some device that separates, labels and distributes luggage, okay I will at least admire your efforts in innovating the common tool. But this is definitely not the same case.

We find ourselves too often, having a little money in our hands and before we know it, it's all gone. Now there are several causes to this, but I want to illustrate on just two of these causes today. First, simply because we have so many bills. When you enter the real world, that is exactly what it is...THE REAL WORLD! Not some show on MTV, but a reality series on "That's My Life"...Seems like every check has already been dispersed and we have seen no dividends. Now wait a minute before you get all excited and start agreeing with me. A lot of this is preventable. If you are an apple, don't try to live like a steak. If you are a cheetah, don't expect to produce elephants. If you can't afford it don't get it. At least wait until you can.

Many of us love to live in fantasy lands and provide ourselves with the materialistic things that are needed to fulfill these loosely animated imaginations. Where as we are put in circumstances to help us appreciate what we have and work for what we want. "Things that are given are seldom cared for...Sad but true..." Get out there and get it and when you get it, use it responsibly and aid the ones that helped you get there.

Secondly, we use "Poor Business Judgement" when we live to impress others. Seems like we will buy whatever we need to make such and such happy or notice us. Where at the end of the day, there was hardly any notice to this, in your eyes, extravagant move at all. We must realize that when we are not honest to ourselves, it doesn't matter what others think, the inner pain and dis-satisfaction that you feel emotionally and hold in physically will eventually rip you apart. Prevent it now.

If you feel that something materialistic is needed to gather admiration from another person or group affiliation, then you may need to re-evaluate this particular alliance. If you are not able to be yourself and by you being happy that be enough for your peers, then you then may need to relocate your normal hangouts. Now don't get me wrong...If you got it and you want it, get it. But make sure that you will still be able to handle the things that you need as well if you have it abundantly help someone who doesn't and watch how much more will come back to you...If you are sincere.

Don't allow people or their self interpretations to force you into "Poor Business Judgement". Think everything through tactfully and responsively and all will be well...I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend. Have fun, enjoy yourself and steer clear of "Poor Business Judgement"


$24,000,000 luggage carnival ride. The world we live in. What would you do with that much $ ?

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