Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #21 "NO Offense"

Led the Masters after 54 holes and lost on Sunday. Lead the U.S. Open after 54 holes and clobbered the rest of the field "NO Offense"...

It used to be hard being myself until I realized the importance of every other person on this Earth's opinion...Take a second a let that sink in. Preparation was always lengthy, simply because approval was the aim and to fit in was the game. As I have grown older, things are a little bit different now. I like to look at myself as my own worst critic and trust me, if I give the right away for something, it must be pretty special or must meet the standard that I believe is acceptable in the eyes of others.

The goal is to be able to know what others think before they think it, so that you can know how to react before the situation gets to be uncomfortable. The idea is to eliminate any opportunity to not be understood. In this life we live, we have to understand that people change like the weather until they are able to find themselves and be that specific season year round. By choosing your season and sticking to it, you must be extremely confident and very adaptive.

So tell me what's wrong with a little presence about yourself, a little cockiness about your work ethics and abilities. Just this Sunday Rory McIlroy won his first ever major PGA golf tournament by becoming the 111th U.S. Open Champion. When he won he set records that people thought would never be done for this particular event. He beat records held by the greats such as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Hale Irwin and Jim Furyk to name a few, at the very ripe age of 22. How was he able to do it, his cockiness. He told the media that he was playing to prove that he was talented enough to win and that he was capable of finishing a tournament strong and distinctly.

"NO Offense" but that is how we should be. When you master a craft, do just that and don't be afraid to prove to the world that you are what you say you are. Now does this mean that you go around treating everybody else like dirt because they can't be like you? No! This means that you are even more humble. When you become great a something that is a gift. You should then find ways that you can build bridges for the people that are around you. Let your gifts be tools for others, but cherish your abilities...There is a difference.

If you can do it, by all means do it and do it well. Walk, talk and live with an attitude that proves your are proud and very aware of yourself. And tell people, "NO Offense", but yea I'm the ________!!! You can fill that in with whatever you like...


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