Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #17 "These Meals are 2 SIMPLE"

Chicken Breast = NO TIME!

It's another Terrific Tuesday for "The Scoop" I hope that things are the same for you. If things aren't so well or you just need something to do, I encourage you go read my other blog posts; check out each of the web-sites tabs (i.e. "This Week in The Scoop", "World News", etc.) and express yourself through leaving a comment. This should definitely be inspiring. There is nothing like taking a day to do some good reading and writing. Smile today =^ ).

As you know, this week we are talking about SIMPLE. So it is only right that we include SIMPLE Meals. Since this is the summer time, everybody is at home but that doesn't mean that you want to be slaving over some hot stove; it's already hot enough in the city. Why make my house feel like a restaurant beyond those flapping doors all the time? Summertime is where we get smart and creative. We like to use our natural instincts a little more and see what alternative answers we can create for our everyday standards. Nothing wrong with that. Have yourself a good time. 

Turn on your favorite music and watch how innovative you become when practicing your culinary artistry. Your kitchen becomes you canvas when you kind find that place of release. I amaze myself all the time. Here is your chance to amaze the world. Tell us what you got! Like the commercial says, "Show me the CAR facts" and in this situation that means the Culinary Artist Routines. I want you to tell me some of your favorite, quick creations that are not only God's gift to the taste buds but also to the on the go family or someone who just doesn't enjoy clocking in before walking in the kitchen.

List the name of the meals, how to prepare them, timed operations (how long to do this, what to do at this point, etc.) post cooking preparations and what you do for presentation. Whoever has the BEST meal, this means it tastes great and it's not an all night science project will win 2 FREE Tickets to "Love Jones" being held Sunday June 26, 2011 at 7pm at SportsVision in the College Plaza on Meridian St. You have until Friday June 24th to submit your Meal; the winner will be featured in the June 25th World News!!!

Get to cooking and get to sharing. Speak to someone you don't know today, call someone you hadn't talked to in a long time and do your best to go to bed happy and all will be well. Now these tasks that I just mentioned..."These Meals are SIMPLE"...Cook this up in your life everyday and watch how positive things will become. Look forward to reading your entries. Enjoy your Terrific Tuesday!

Fish = Health/Creativity/NO TIME!

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