Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #14 "Procrastination Before Jeopardy"

I guess I can only blame myself if this doesn't work out the way that I want it to. I know that I have received every single sign that I could ever need. I know that I have been placed in every unimaginable situation that would actually lead me to going where I wanna go. I also know that who I want to know, knows what they should know. But, what am I doing? How am I utilizing my resources. Am I taking advantage of the opportunities being placed before me. Or, am I just thinking too much.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you just THOUGHT things were perfect and within the blink of an eye...BIEM!!! (bee-yum...say it with a lot of enthusiasm and you will feel it), before you know it all of that has changed. Seems so often that paradise is right there in arms reach, and we wake up or fall right before the footsteps. Thinking that everything is great puts you in an Utopia. Why do that to yourself?

We plan events in our mind or on paper and don't follow through with them simply because we always feel we got enough time to handle that later. Well truthfully to say, we don't have more time. Time is winding short, not in something enormous, simply in the days we let pass by. We must understand that as repetitions decrease. Depletion increases. Elimination of some tendency or mind set, that will not so easily  be picked back up like if riding a bike. 

We can not allow distractions to prevent us from reaching our goals. We can not allow circumstances to detour us or make us feel as if you are unable to execute. Perseverance is the continuance in a state of grace of the elect of God. That means that if you continue to push through, regardless of the occurrence you believe, that there is there is hope. Act on that good instinct or something is not going to play in order and yes, that Procrastination will create Jeopardy.

If you have something due, are supposed to be somewhere or have a positive THOUGHT do not procrastinate. Signs are put here to communicate. "Learn to listen with all your 5 natural senses..." Stop hesitating for a  moment and see how different things will be in your life... " "Procrastination Before Jeopardy"


Don't make your life a game show...