Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #28 "FIRE Up"

"FIRE Up" Your Creativity & watch where it takes you...

Something like listening to the birds sing, the phrase "FIRE Up" of course is music to my ears...But we will save that for another day! Today however is Wednesday. We are in the middle of the week and this is the "Week of FIRE!". I hope everyone is taking the time to evaluate what's going on in their life and finding ways to make themselves happy. That's what we need more of in the world...Happy People...

I had to perform Sunday with Plan3t 3, so I didn't get to watch the 2011 BET Awards, but thank God for DirecTV...RECORD! I got to watch it yesterday and when I say it was something...It was something. There were tremendous ups and even some overwhelming lows, but for the majority of the show, I can say that the current world entertainers were being themselves and that seemed to be there only concern...Like it, Love it or Hate it. They brought what they felt was their A game and I am pretty sure that the fans around the world really admired that.

Kevin Hart is a genius. The strategic planning that he put into running that show was amazing. Kelly Rowland, Jill Scott, Beyonce', Ledisi in the Tribute to Our Fallen Entertainers and the Patti Labelle Tribute, OH...MY...GOD...Cee Lo Green, Marsha Ambroshious and Rev. Caesar! Pure Excellence! I have played these performances over and over, simply because they "FIRE Up" my musical spirit. That's what commanding and owning the stage is all about. You must "FIRE Up" your audience. We as people tend to forget that we are supposed to do that in our everyday conversations. Now this doesn't mean wear some extravagant outfit, a 6 foot tall wig and set your guitar on FIRE, but it does mean that you should speak with confidence and clarity when telling people something that you agree with, believe in or want to accomplish.

Now this also means that you must have an eye to recognize what's real and what's fake. If you observe politics you understand how people can "FIRE Up" a society but lack in delivery of their promises. We also recognize in relationships where our partners "FIRE Up" our imagination and take us to places that no other person or thing can even think of doing. What are you doing to "FIRE Up"? The Great Patti Labelle revolutionized the true meaning of overwhelming expression through her many sold out performances all over the world. She did everything that she could to "FIRE Up" her fans. And you know you had to "FIRE Up" some people if you have been performing for 5 decades and she still looks amazing...Her FIRE is burning deep within her soul. Find yourself and do the same...."FIRE Up"


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