Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #20 "SIMPLE things that make it work"

Too often we find ways in relationships to make them turn sour or go in ill directions. Sometimes because we just enjoy conflict. Other times we try so hard to be impressive that we over shoot the target. Relationships are tough but with the right one the journey isn't so bad.

If anyone knows about the complexity of a relationship, it is me. Today I want the readers to tell me the little things that make a relationship perfect. Not the extravagant meals or adventurous vacations, but the "SIMPLE things that make it work"...

The 2 people with the best entries will receive 2 FREE tickets a piece for this Sunday's LOVE JONES @ SportsVision...THIS IS AN EVENT THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS... GET TO COMMENTING! =^)


Just to be cloooose to you...Giiirrl (Ya'll know the song) lol...

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