Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #19 "SIMPLE Chord Progressions"

Find a little Complexity even in the SIMPLE things...
Reggie Hill likes to define harmony as a continuous sound of preferred emotions expressed in tones or actions. This basically means everything going right and accordingly in all aspects of a matter between more than one entities. When you examine music, one recognizes chord structure as the foundation of harmony. Various tones are placed in a certain order to create a sound that is pleasing to the ear. We as people should be striving to do the same. Our life is ordered by steps, motions, intuition, planning and execution. When each of these is done in a proper manner respectable to your surroundings, harmony is accomplished.

Too many times we find ourselves draped by the same "SIMPLE Chord Progressions". Although, at the moment, this seems very satisfying to us but it soon becomes an act of repitition that we put up with simply because we know no other way to embrace the harmonies of our life. Each of us, on the inside, has some type of feeling pertaining to any and every situation. When we close this emotion in, we then create discord. This simply means that we are with-holding vital information that probably is crucial to the energy of the atmosphere. When we keep things in we allow the opportunity of assumption and imagination of ill mannered thinking to manifest. This is not good!

Box macoroni and cheese is good, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing like your Mother's homemade macoroni and cheese anywhere. The box or store brought brand will suffice for a while, but the urge and desire for that extra attention to detail and artistry in the presentation along with the complete "lose my mind" moment when you take the first bite will soon take you over and make you find your way home just to get some. What we tend to forget as humans is that this same energy is deep within us for everything. Some person, form of music, book, food, movie, TV show, hobby, craft, religion, activity or thought will get us worked up the same way. These are complex chord progressions.

Life has the opportunity to hard and full of pain or hard and full of joy. Please notice that HARD didn't go anywhere. We have to struggle in order for us to learn and appreciate. How we are able to adapt to the hardships of the world and grow from them all while prospering will determine what type of circumstances we will endure. Sitting around with someone and not telling them how you really feel about something is only going to make things horrific regardless of how peachy things seem now. Saying no to everything spontaneous for the sake of safety, will either make you die lonely on the inside or act a complete fool and embarrass yourself when you finally decide to let loose. Turning down the chance to do something difficult all because of your assumptions of what the world may think, leaves you in a world of why for the rest of your life.

"SIMPLE Chord Progressions" are nice, safe and can be quite pleasing to the listener. But being exposed to the complexity of variation and altered chords can propel you to a level of freedom and understanding that creates an unimaginable harmony that can spread so much positivity to your stationary patterns. Observe "SIMPLE Chord Progressions" only as recognition to he foundation of creation. But find that connect in everything that allows you to express your feelings and gain what you were expecting.


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