Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #26 "FIRE Fighters"

Fear not the struggles of the Flame...

Before I begin I want to take this time to thank all of the "FIRE Fighters" in the world who every single day take on one of the most dangerous elements known to man. I am pretty sure that all of us applaud you and we wish you well, but um...This blog isn't about you today...As you know by now, if you didn't before I enjoy finding ways to take one thing and make it mean another. Something like thinking...We all need to try it a little more from time to time.

When I look out onto the world, it's almost overwhelming how few the number of "FIRE Fighters" that there are out there. Instead we have become FIRE dwellers. We allow situations to burn us out, but make no effort to improve the situation. We see things that shouldn't go the way that they do, but we pass them by just like we pass by people we know when we see them. Somethings just have yet to click with me.

We are so self intertwined...or tangled for those who may not understand that, that we will allow others to predict and orchestrate our feelings and emotions simply because we do not know what the result will be by us relinquishing our desired actions and THOUGHT. This thing called life would be rather simple, but there is just too much FIRE surfacing and when it spreads with only a few FIRE Stations in the world...What are we to do?

It amazes me how our society has grown to a state of mind where we believe that FIRE can fight FIRE. Where they do that at? "Elements are just like humans, they are the emotions of the Earth..." and last I remember you can't put a FIRE out with FIRE, it only makes things worst. We have to learn how to react to the action a little better and we can't be afraid to do so. When you see that something is about to burn bridges or burn down things that should remain, the spirit of "FIRE Fighters" should rise up in you. But you can't go jumping in the fire as if you were learning how to swim...You have to strategize and analyze to come up with the best possible solution that will benefit all parties in a positive manner.

Guard yourself with a hard hat of Knowledge. Protect your body with an armor suit of Wisdom and Resiliency. Protect your hands with gloves of Strength and Power. Protect your feet with boots of Sturdiness and Determination and most of all protect your mind and heart with the water-hose of Purity, Justice and Truth. With this you can fight any FIRE!


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