Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #13 "Press Beyond Jack"

You can be a Jack & a Master...

Does anyone know the phrase used to describe someone who is talented in several different areas...? Ah yes, a "Jack of all Trades". If someone referred to you as a "Jack of all Trades" this basically meant that you were pretty fluent in multiple endeavors. Your skill level was not only well developed on one particular subject matter, but on various virtues. I believe that we determine which kind of "Jack"...we will be by the questions that we ask and the response that we give to the answers of those questions. You can be a master of your gifts.

How do you respond to the everyday questions of our ever changing lives? How do we look at circumstances? How do we adapt to new environments? These are all questions that you should ask yourself on a daily basis. Anyone that will take the time to become efficient in many areas is then accomplished. Anyone who will take the time to analyze a situation versus accepting an adapted interpretation is on the road to wisdom. And..."Anyone who wishes to carry a conversation with all voices is a person of purpose!"

So I am in high school and I play all sports, but I don't teach people under me or younger than me how to excel and the team doesn't win beyond regional levels. Am I then accomplished? No. The fact that you are extremely talented is not enough. The fact that a rich person is rich is not enough. They either want more or find ways to throw it away. Why not invest? A murderer will either kill and want to kill some more or kill and get caught. Why not murder the idea of killing one another all together?

We as a people are so easily amazed and then satisfied with the mediocrity and simplicity of our commercial market driven society. We so quickly tend to be blinded by the flash of a situation that we miss the purpose or never see it because we don't seek it. Proper Preparation and Focus builds the foundation to an ever growing imagination and THOUGHT process. Productive and Prior Planning are all key fundamentals that create longevity and possibility. A free and humble mind will propel any individual to high heights of excellence.

To sit on one talent is really not living. To explore several talents is remarkable. To use your gift to make things better for our international society, that is destiny! Live out your destiny and "Press Beyond Jack". Why not become more than a "Jack of All Trades", why not become a master and example of all trades. Think Big! Dream Bigger! Your goals shall come to pass...


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