Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #18 "SIMPLE Routines Create Complex Abilities"

When focused, you can conquer all odds!!!

I believe that is safe to say that all of us have heard the phrase "practice makes perfect". I like to disagree with that & say that "perfect practice makes perfect". Well how can you practice perfectly? Simple, through accurate and precise repetition. When one is able to release the mind's fleshly tendencies and become free with the task at hand, one will be able to perform at unexpected levels of delivery. As simple as it sounds to the ear and reads to the eye, this indeed is one of the most difficult tasks faced by the human being. Having to have self discipline in order to remain mentally focused and attentive for a long period of time is quite the mission. This is only the intro before recognizing the imperative of attention to detail.

By creating a regular pattern, you then begin to develop a sense of order and become quite observatory. You begin to establish a belief that things can be quite SIMPLE if planned out and then executed accordingly. We sometimes seem to forget that the brain is a muscle just as the triceps and biceps that we so often slave over and worship. We must take the brain through some type of work out also. We must create situations where our brain has to function on memory, speed of comprehension and spontaneity. If we are involved in these environments consistently, we then begin to cultivate a knowledge of seeking perfection.

"By having to make the best out of the worst situations, you learn to deal with all occurrences..."   "By understanding all occurrences, you learn how to handle any situation..." Just like when practicing a Trumpet, if you can play from measure 1-13 with no mistakes but for some reason you just continue to mess up on measure 14, that doesn't mean go back to measure 1 and keep trying until you get it right, that's foolish practice! You must work out measure 14 until it is correct and then you add the other measures. Just like putting together a puzzle.

Once you develop a continuous routine for something, such as working out, cooking, reading, talking, teaching or whatever, your desire to do it more often increases as well your wish to perform and deliver on higher levels. This is where the new abilities comes in. It's all in the release of the mind. Whenever you can connect your inner being to your task at hand, you can work wonders. You will find yourself functioning and operating on several unexpected levels. This is then what it means to be free. If one can be properly prepared for this adventure of freedom, one will find that all things are possible.

Find something that you love and enjoy to do. Setup a practice routine. This means map out steps in order to do this task at a desired ability. Take notes on your progress and as you get more productive, put additional relating targets in the mix and see what happens. We have so many great abilities we just have to thoroughly plan them out and stick to the routine. Organize the things you do, put them in order and watch the results, you will be amazed.


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