Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Reflection #1 "GOD IS REAL"

HE will speak to you without saying a word...

Okay now...Everybody say it with me: "GOD IS REAL...All the time, and ALL the time...GOD IS REAL!" I know that most of you are familiar with God is Good and so forth, but I believe that we are well beyond that level now. What level you say? The level in which one recognizes the goodness of our Heavenly Father. Everday he wakes us up, that is enough to ensure that the man is good. We need to intensify our focus a little bit.

Ever wonder why the sky is blue, the grass is green, the Sun comes up and disappears? One of my dear friends and lead guitarist in Plan3t 3, Brandon Cawthorn, mentioned something similar to this in one of his illustrations. A small child was asking his grand-father several questions about his surroundings. The grandpa always seemed to reply, "I'm not sure". Well I am certain that everything that is here, is here for a reason and simply because "GOD IS REAL".

Everyday in each of our lives, God allows us to witness a series of events that will prove how real he is. Now it's up to us to pay attention and respond. Just the other day I thought to myself that I need to go to the yard (AAMU Campus) to pass out letters about the things I am doing with my charity and my business. Now mind you, "Ally" has been down for quite some time now (Ally = My Car) so I had no idea how I was going to get there. The very next morning I tell you, my dear friend and sister, Abreeotta called me at 8am talking about a cell phone. Me being sleepy told her what I could think of and turned back over. Then it hit me, "Wait I just said I needed to go to the yard and she is going to be heading to work shortly"..."Call her back". So I called her and not only did I get a ride to campus, she made breakfast and everything.

God works in such mysterious ways and when he talks to you, you better listen. My day on "The HILL" was more than extremely productive. I met several instructors and professionals who committed to helping me with my endeavors. I also got one step closer to my graduation this fall, talked to some very wise professors and got a few laughs from some of my friends.Seemed like nothing could go wrong, then I got a call from Abreeotta, only to tell me that the air in her building wasn't working, so she went home. Instead of getting upset about being left, I was like there must be something HE (HE = GOD) is wanting me to see, so just go with the flow and I did.

I went to the Morrison building, conversed with some other great musicians found out about some upcoming events that probably could help me with my future goals and got some assistance with my current projects. Just as I was finishing up the conversation, in walks another one of my dear friends, my sister Ashley. And guess what, she is about to leave the yard, headed home. Also guess what, she stay up the street from me. What a blessing. We ended up going to the bank who I also got to assist me with the charity and then heading home.

God knew every desire of my heart the whole time I did. He also gave me every opportunity to work towards the finish line of my desires. I could have easily went back to sleep after she called and who knows if I would have made it to the yard that day? I probably wouldn't have. I could have gotten frustrated and tried to find my own way home after my ride left, but no I was patient and ended up connecting with several others and finding a ride with someone who lived closer to my house than my original ride. "GOD IS REAL" my people. Start paying attention to his communications. It will change your life. Trust me!


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  1. I LOVE it bro... Keep striving, Keep proving, and most importantly, keep listening... G.E.