Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #11 "Progess Becomes Justice"

Happy Monday to you my people! I hope that everyone is well and had a marvelous weekend. I know that I did! Not because there was something spectacular that happened, but simply because I created positive energy. Today I will discuss for you how to create Progress and how that then will transform into Justice. "Progress Becomes Justice" I talked with both of my parents for an extremely long time this morning and I must say that they have me very uplifted and ready to face the true challenges of the world.

Justice above all things has become the true challenge of our society. Justice for freedom of voice and action, Justice for satisfactory wealth, Justice for starvation, Justice for depression and Justice for Life. All of these are daily encounters that we as a people face head on every time that we wake up in the morning or for some of us, late in the afternoon. I like to refer to a very intimate phrase used by members of Alpha Delta Psi Society of Alabama Bandsmen, Inc. which states: "We must always Progress and never Regress". Now I know some of you are thinking how in the world can you never regress in today's living environments? It's simple, it's all in the mental psyche.

I like to reflect upon General George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the American Continental Army (1775-1783). There were several times that it seemed as if the 13 Colonies would have to surrender and submit themselves, once again to the rulings of the British. However these occurring incidents were only corn flakes in a box that had a prize in it...Let me break that down for you. This can involve any cereal now, my Line Brother for Omega, Chris calls all cereal: corn flakes. That was always funny to me, I'm actually laughing now. Anyways, as kids when you got cereal, sure enough you wanted to eat the cereal but the majority of the reason you got the cereal was for the prize in the box. Eventually it would not matter how many corn flakes were in the box. All that mattered was the prize at the end. It had no long term significance in the number of battles that were lost, all that mattered was the victory at the end. Because the American Continental army kept pushing, they were able to get the prize out of the box, while the British were stuck with the memory of all those corn flakes that they had eaten. "Progress Become Justice".

As you think about the current circumstances in your life, don't look at them as Oh My God what am I going to do? Look at them as man, I have an obstacle in my face but it is only a distraction. The prize that I want is still there at the end, I just have to find another way to get to my destination. Believe in yourself and you will meet Justice. Encourage others and you will receive Justice. We now can stand up or we can continue to sit down. Your Justice is determined by your Progress. "Progress Becomes Justice"...


Surrender your troubles to Freedom & Happiness!

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