Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #8 "DAYS Off"

Mom! I know it's not morning already!?!?

Ever feel like you just have “DAYS Off”? Why does today feel like Saturday, when the day is actually Thursday? Why can’t I seem to do anything right today? Is this a throbbing headache coming along? And don’t those headaches seem to come around when you got something really important to do? If anyone knows about that, I do. I have suffered from migraines since a very young age. But, any who, today isn’t about me…completely. I briefly want to discuss what causes our DAYS to be Off and how we can help start preventing moments like those from happening, it’s really simple.

Let’s observe a normal day. See the human body is controlled by a lot of energies. Your first energy is based on how you feel when you wake up in the morning. Did I sleep well? Was I tossing and turning? What kind of dream or nightmare did I have last night? And finally what in the world woke me up, other than the Lord of course? Was this something I planned on happening, like an alarm or did I have a little assistance from an unwanted sleep intruder. Yes, there are unwanted sleep intruders in the world. These are the types that will wake up whoever they please, whenever they please and for whatever reason they please. These sleep intruders have never really had a concern for “the sleeping”, they just got something they want to do or someone they want to irritate. And by any means, they will do it.

Next concern that comes to mind is what type of gas are we using to fuel up with today and what kind of detailed work are we going to do on the exterior frame. Yes when you wake up, you have to think of yourself as one of the world’s finest artifacts of transportation. Seriously, think about the car that you love or dream about and make it your morning routine to care for it and you become the car! See we have to understand that our fuel is food and our exterior frame is our skin. What things are you going to put together daily, to ensure that your “whatever your favorite car turned human is” is going to be prepared for a day of positivity and productivity

Following this will come the killer! What in the world does it feel like outside? Is it so cold that your fingers and toes have numbed to near non-existence? Is the wind blowing so forcefully that you have to cover up everything but your eyes and you still can’t see because they have become watered like rivers? Or is it so hot, that everything on your body is sweating including your clothes and shoes, making you feel like one of those Wal-Mart rotisserie chickens! And let’s hope that nothing decides to fall from the sky today. You know how crazy people can become when the weather is no longer just a feeling. When weather becomes a dual action, it throws off everything.

Is the real car in shape to get me where I am going? Am I catching a ride today? Man I pray that I am on time! Does everybody always drive this slowly? Nope! Only when you got somewhere to go, come on these are grade school facts…The next energy is quite simple. How are you getting where you are going and what will happen on your way there?

Finally, you find yourself having lived a movie already and you hadn’t even got to where you are going! WOW! How exciting is this? You get to live a movie every day? Well yea if you take the time to make it that way. See it’s interesting that a lot of times when I am looking at TV, listening to radio shows or watching movies, I always seem to laugh harder, get more involved than my company and really pay attention to what is going on. Why is this you say? Because I admire creativity and I want to know what the writer was thinking of before their work of art came to life. You should look at your life as a work of art as well. “And all great art has vigorous preparation, organization and structure!” When you wake up, there will be mornings that make you grumpy because of some off the wall matter that will cause your eyes to open; some DAYS you will be so late getting up to where you can’t fully prepare yourself for the world the way that you need to. Other days you will wake up feel your forehead and feel the window and say “No Sir!” “I will not be able to do it.” But then you have to realize that you have to treat these days like you woke up and found out that you had won a million dollars! Why? Because from the moment you get up you are creating your daily energies. Create positive and productive energies. Leave behind any form of negativity. “DAYS Off” they can be mastered!


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