Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #7 "Pay DAYS"

More than what meets the eye!
Every day, I hope that when you read “The Scoop” you would want to leave a comment. Some days for the “Daily THOUGHT” I will give you the foundational THOUGHT alone and I want you to give me some in-depth feedback. That means I really want you to discuss it with me and tell me what are some great examples, experiences, solutions and of course your THOUGHT on the outcome.

This is a very simple task and I take it from Dr. Julius R. Scurggs, Pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL and the current President of the National Baptist Convention. He was telling us how we would be financially stable when we became senior citizens, if we followed this simple rule. The rule is that when you get paid, give 10% to God, put 10% away and use the other 80% to live. Tell me what you think and on Saturday we will post one of the more interesting responses. Have Fun! Be Expressive! "Pay DAYS".


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