Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #16 "SIMPLE Minded"

Hello World! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Welcome to the first business day of the week. Get ready and get right. I must let you know that if you missed LOVE JONES last night at SportsVision, you missed the treat of a lifetime. The crowd was great, the atmosphere was vibrating all through the building and the entertainment was nothing less than spectacular! Be sure that you have your face in the place on June 26, 2011 it'll be happening all over again.

Now lets get into today's topic "SIMPLE Minded". For those of you who have been reading my blogs frequently, you can only imagine how many ideas surfaced with me when chosing this topic. Well I think that I am going to to piggy-back on two things today, Love Jones and the NBA Finals.

I was watching South Park last night after the Plan3t 3 performance and ironically the episode was on the different music of various generations. Apparently the boys and all the youth on South Park had fallen in love with the "Tween Wave". Now for those of you who don't know about the "Tween Wave" it's simply some off the chain beats with farting and other sounds of defecation in the background. Now Sharon Marsh told Stan, her son, that he could not listen to this "crappy music", as she called it, anymore. Please remember that all through the music it sounded like diarrhea on a mix-tape, seriously!

The parents even went to the extreme of calling a meeting and trying to show the kids what, in there eyes, real music was. The kids hated it and went on to say that parents just don't understand. I must say that I was very impressed with the illustration of the South Park writers. They used graphic scenes and creativity to not only express how "SIMPLE Minded" and "crappy" the majority of the new music of today is, but to also express how we grow in and out of things as time goes on, simply because of our simplicity. But what is the purpose of music? To move the soul and work as a form of communication between your flesh and spirit right? Correct, so if you aren't exposed to other versions of things, then of course the most simple thing that seems catchy and you don't have to think about will be your favored type of music. That's what these kids were suffering from. Stan's dad Randy even got caught into the fad, trying to relive his youthful Rock & Roll Legend Aspirations that he never accomplished. He was simply acting as if he enjoyed the music, so that he could say that he was still cool, "SIMPLE Minded"

What kind of Music are you listening to?

For those of us who witnessed the last game of the NBA Finals last night, we saw some history made for the city of Dallas, Texas. As they brought home their franchises first world title. This was a relief for the city seeing all that happened athletically in the previous season. (i.e.- Texas Rangers losing to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, Dallas Cowboys building one of the most immaculate football arenas, being the favorite to not only win the Super Bowl, but be the first team to play and host at the same time, and then having to watch as their 2 most envied arch-rivals play for the title on their field...I know that sucked!). So I can only imagine that this was a sigh of relief for the "Lone Star State".

As I listened to people tell me how bad the Miami Heat were going to do the Dallas Mavericks...I instantly THOUGHT to myself "SIMPLE Minded". Anyone who asked me about the game I said Mavs in 6 and look at we here. Mavericks won it in 6, in Miami. Just because you make some superstar team doesn't mean that it will be championship caliber. Just because you put some mix in a box and say just add water DOES NOT mean that you will have the world's greatest mashed potatoes or pancakes. This microwave management of everything is "SIMPLE Minded". To show you that I am unbiased, lets reflect back to 2004. The Lakers put this "Justice League" of basketball together and fell short where? The Finals...If you don't evaluate the entire aspect of something you will grow fond of complacency and simplicity.

So, it's SIMPLE. Expand your mind and look beyond just what is before you. When I eat burgers or sandwiches (my real friends are laughing at me now, because they know) I take it apart and eat each part individually when it gets towards a little less than half remaining. I do this to see how all the pieces of the puzzle were put together. You should analyze all things like that. Figure out how things function and what must be in place for things and situations to operate correctly."Take the long road home sometimes, you might see some unexpected things that can change your life!"


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