Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #29 "The FIRE Deep Within Us All"

Trust your inner FIRE...It will lead you to your true gift, which will benefit the universe...

Don't you just thank God everyday for all the chances he gives you to miss being in that number? Don't get me wrong I am very happy to be apart of Heavens Pre-Alumni Association, if you know what I mean...But something inside of me tells me everyday that I have such a greater purpose while I am here and that I must fulfill it before I depart. For those of you who are just beginning to read my blogs, please don't be alarmed by my randomness. I speak on topics and touch certain issues that most won't discuss. I also believe in delivering the truth.

Everyday I live ,God slaps me in the face with conformation of his existence and love for me.I cherish every opportunity that he gives me to tell that to someone else and that is what I am going to do. Sometime we tend to blow out "The FIRE Deep Within Us All". We get to the point where we are actually confident enough to do something or say how we feel to someone and then out of nowhere..Woosh, just like in the wind, the idea of feeling is gone. Not gone as in not there, but gone as in there is no longer a desire to make something happen.

Too often we allow lack of confidence, patience, clarity and faith to prevent us from being phenomenal creatures. I want you to tell me about the FIRE that is deep within you and how you get it out or plan on getting it out! Also explain what you may feel from other FIREs around you. The best entry will receive 2 FREE TICKETS to the "Reading is Fun...The Mental" Benefit Dinner being held on Friday July, 22, 2011. Be expressive.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #28 "FIRE Up"

"FIRE Up" Your Creativity & watch where it takes you...

Something like listening to the birds sing, the phrase "FIRE Up" of course is music to my ears...But we will save that for another day! Today however is Wednesday. We are in the middle of the week and this is the "Week of FIRE!". I hope everyone is taking the time to evaluate what's going on in their life and finding ways to make themselves happy. That's what we need more of in the world...Happy People...

I had to perform Sunday with Plan3t 3, so I didn't get to watch the 2011 BET Awards, but thank God for DirecTV...RECORD! I got to watch it yesterday and when I say it was something...It was something. There were tremendous ups and even some overwhelming lows, but for the majority of the show, I can say that the current world entertainers were being themselves and that seemed to be there only concern...Like it, Love it or Hate it. They brought what they felt was their A game and I am pretty sure that the fans around the world really admired that.

Kevin Hart is a genius. The strategic planning that he put into running that show was amazing. Kelly Rowland, Jill Scott, Beyonce', Ledisi in the Tribute to Our Fallen Entertainers and the Patti Labelle Tribute, OH...MY...GOD...Cee Lo Green, Marsha Ambroshious and Rev. Caesar! Pure Excellence! I have played these performances over and over, simply because they "FIRE Up" my musical spirit. That's what commanding and owning the stage is all about. You must "FIRE Up" your audience. We as people tend to forget that we are supposed to do that in our everyday conversations. Now this doesn't mean wear some extravagant outfit, a 6 foot tall wig and set your guitar on FIRE, but it does mean that you should speak with confidence and clarity when telling people something that you agree with, believe in or want to accomplish.

Now this also means that you must have an eye to recognize what's real and what's fake. If you observe politics you understand how people can "FIRE Up" a society but lack in delivery of their promises. We also recognize in relationships where our partners "FIRE Up" our imagination and take us to places that no other person or thing can even think of doing. What are you doing to "FIRE Up"? The Great Patti Labelle revolutionized the true meaning of overwhelming expression through her many sold out performances all over the world. She did everything that she could to "FIRE Up" her fans. And you know you had to "FIRE Up" some people if you have been performing for 5 decades and she still looks amazing...Her FIRE is burning deep within her soul. Find yourself and do the same...."FIRE Up"


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #27 "You're FIRE!"

Hello everyone. I hope that all is well. For you that are just tuning in...This is the week of FIRE, so all of our topics this week will be related to this particular element. Thursday you will have your chance to discuss your version of FIRE or what it means to you through the topic: "The FIRE Deep Within Us All". I look forward to your entries.

Lets take a look at the term FIRE...This element is the rapid oxidation of a material in the process of combustion, relasing heat, light and various reaction products. The flame is the visible portion of the fire and consists of flaming hot gases. Depending on the surrounding at the time, the color and intensity will vary. That's a lot, but basically explains how the combination of heat, oxygen and fuel create a chain reaction that becomes this amazing thing that is quite fascinating or distructive.

Just like with anything else in our life, things will be fascinating or destructive. Many people are unaware of the positive things that fire implements other than cooking, such as stimulating growth and maintaing various ecological systems. As mentioned yesterday we have to look at ourselves as elements of the Earth look at us...It's all in the reaction. We tend to forget that we are too, supposed to stimulate growth and maintain the ecological system (our way of living).

We must examine and be reminded that we are sponges until the day that we leave this place. "Our surroundings will determine what kind of flame we light the world with..." I like to refer to that old fashion church song "This Little Light of Mine"...Are you letting it shine? And how big is little? You should ask yourself these questions and do a little self-evaluation. What are you doing to stimulate progress, productivity, positive energies and growth to whatever surroundings you are in. We also can't forget that we are somewhere doing something for a reason. Half stepping should be a past time! We should be shinning at all times.

As I travel into certain neighborhoods or various places of a city, it's so easy to find litter and trash that people couldn't wait to get rid of at some other time, so they just dropped it where they were. So amazing how humans are the same way...We bring our personal issues into the workplace, social gatherings, functions that are supposed to be uplifting and even around the people who we claim to love and sometimes even to those who we don't even know. Personal baggage, which I like to call "personal litter" is something that we must learn to hold until we are in the company of ourselves and/or the people who are willing to help us. Placing the energies of your burdens on others will only make situations worst.

Critical thinking is a must. We have to learn how to observe and react. If you don't do it in a timely fashion, you will put yourself in a predicament where it may be too late. "You're FIRE!" You just have to learn at what...Once you find this allow your flame to be bright, because someone is always watching you. We live by what we see and do by what we feel. Show something through your FIRE that will make a world difference! You have the ability to do anything you put your mind to. Don't let negative "FIRE Fighters" put your flame out...Show the world that you are full of purpose!


Set the world on FIRE with Your Purpose!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #26 "FIRE Fighters"

Fear not the struggles of the Flame...

Before I begin I want to take this time to thank all of the "FIRE Fighters" in the world who every single day take on one of the most dangerous elements known to man. I am pretty sure that all of us applaud you and we wish you well, but um...This blog isn't about you today...As you know by now, if you didn't before I enjoy finding ways to take one thing and make it mean another. Something like thinking...We all need to try it a little more from time to time.

When I look out onto the world, it's almost overwhelming how few the number of "FIRE Fighters" that there are out there. Instead we have become FIRE dwellers. We allow situations to burn us out, but make no effort to improve the situation. We see things that shouldn't go the way that they do, but we pass them by just like we pass by people we know when we see them. Somethings just have yet to click with me.

We are so self intertwined...or tangled for those who may not understand that, that we will allow others to predict and orchestrate our feelings and emotions simply because we do not know what the result will be by us relinquishing our desired actions and THOUGHT. This thing called life would be rather simple, but there is just too much FIRE surfacing and when it spreads with only a few FIRE Stations in the world...What are we to do?

It amazes me how our society has grown to a state of mind where we believe that FIRE can fight FIRE. Where they do that at? "Elements are just like humans, they are the emotions of the Earth..." and last I remember you can't put a FIRE out with FIRE, it only makes things worst. We have to learn how to react to the action a little better and we can't be afraid to do so. When you see that something is about to burn bridges or burn down things that should remain, the spirit of "FIRE Fighters" should rise up in you. But you can't go jumping in the fire as if you were learning how to swim...You have to strategize and analyze to come up with the best possible solution that will benefit all parties in a positive manner.

Guard yourself with a hard hat of Knowledge. Protect your body with an armor suit of Wisdom and Resiliency. Protect your hands with gloves of Strength and Power. Protect your feet with boots of Sturdiness and Determination and most of all protect your mind and heart with the water-hose of Purity, Justice and Truth. With this you can fight any FIRE!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #25 "If You NO More, You Will Do More"

NO! a little more and see what happens...

As usual I reserve Friday for viewers and friends to contribute with a topic that they come up with on their on. Today is NO different and I actually really like the idea. Now I asked my guitar player to give me a topic with the word NO in it. So he asked "You mean like NO you can't have? Or knowing how to?" And I told him whatever comes to mind...He said if you know more you will do more. So quickly the light bulb went off in my head and I was headed down a somewhat poetic path that was destined for mind boggling...

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you always seem like you are the one saying yes in the situation where either you should say NO, you want to say NO, someone else could have volunteered their yes or you feel like you have to say yes out of guilt or some feeling regarding the other party or parties involved. At some point in our life, we have to groom our mind the same way that we groom our gardens. A plant can not grow without the proper nourishment and attention. Our brains are the same way. If you notice whenever you are placed in a yes or NO situation that is where your inner being connects with you and your heart. How will you respond?

So how can you do more by saying NO Reggie? Simple...By saying NO, you create alternate options. If it is your goal to reach a certain destination and you say NO to one particular route, that means that you have to come up with another one. By freeing yourself from stamped ways of living, you then are allowed to embrace opportunity and balance. As my Grandmother used to always say "There is more then one way to skin a cat"...For those of you have NO idea of old quotes like that, it simply means there is always another way of doing something, that's what make life unique.

If you find yourself in a situation where you genuinely want or need to say NO...Say it and trust that the others involved with the situation will understand. If they really have your best interest at heart they will. Now be sure that you realize you may one day end up in the same situation and if you are asking to be granted the same consideration, be willing to offer it. Make the best out of your weekend my people. Live, Love and Laugh...Speak to someone you don't know...and in a situation where you normally say yes, but want to say NO...Change it up a little bit and see what happens.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #24 "Having NO Life is a Bummer"

Don't be just a candle...

Man do I thank God everyday for the ability and gift to do the things that I am able to do. I couldn't imagine my life without Music, putting words together, creating projects, leading, cooking, speaking to groups, teaching and socializing. Through those gifts I find ways to commune with others and create the chance for me to enjoy what life has to offer.

We as people tend to always find the difficult way of doing things, rather than manifesting on the good things and utilizing our skills to find peace and a sane frame of mind. Just think about how smoother things are when you aren't board or involved in some negative drama...Things are great then. That's what we should seek on a consistent basis.

Because I am so generous, I am going to give you another opportunity to get free tickets to LOVE JONES to be held this Sunday! Tell me what things you do to keep positive atmospheres in your life. Give us some ideas of some hobbies or events that we (me and other viewers) could get into to add an extra spark in our lives. I look forward to hearing your ideas. Write your comment like you are blogging. Be expressive. Viewer with the best feedback will receive 2 FREE tickets to Sunday's show.


Daily THOUGHT #23 "NO Room for Mediocrity"

I think that I will keep this one short and to the point. I know that you all have had a lot to read today, seeing that I have posted about 4 blogs already, so I won't stretch this one out as much. I like to believe that the tongue is the most powerful instrument on the body. I am extremely confident that we can pretty much speak anything into existence. We have that power.

We also have the power to create the energies that surface around us. Now what is so important about energy? Simple...Without it you are unable to handle your everyday tasks. You need energy to operate, something like a house. The energy provided by electricity allows your lights to come on. You having energy allows you to get up and do things that are productive. As well, energy is the root of controlling positive and negative events that occur in your life.

In the world we will be faced with challenges that will make us embrace certain levels of energy. Depending on how difficult the task, we may respond differently than we would to a normal life situation. The more effort and energy that we have to put into something increases the effect of success or failure. If we think small, we operate small. If we think big, we make grand productions. This idea must be carried in our THOUGHTS, our actions and our surroundings.

So the next time you have to do something and you can do a 1/2 job, take a look at yourself and determine if you really want to continue being Mediocre or do you want to be the best. Next time that you have an opportunity to speak up about a situation and give some insight on how things could be better and you don't...Only blame yourself and your Mediocre tendencies if things go wrong or not the way you plan them to. Always strive to do your very best. Mediocrity means that you are willing to settle and that any result will suffice. Don't cheat yourself short, you deserve better.


How high will you raise your Bar of Life?

Daily THOUGHT #22 "Just Say NO to Drugs"

Riiiight =^)...To each his own...

I know that some people immediately upon reading the title were like...Um is this still Reggie's blog? Yes it is...You all should know by now that I like to twist things up and make you think a little bit. Who doesn't need a little THOUGHT in their life? I know I do. Anyways, today's topic has nothing to do with illegal substances, but more so a certain type of people.

So Reggie...What exactly do you mean by drugs? Well I am actually more so saying "a drug" and then when you make it a general category it becomes "drugs". See in life you have these types of people: Those who crave attention and will do whatever it takes to get a group of loyal followers, those who are gonna live and could care less who tags along with them, those who look to do great things and people attract to them naturally and finally those people who tag along, simply because it seems like the right thing to do at the time.

See the last example is the perfect description of "a drug". Someone or something just drags them along and they love it, simply because they fit into something and their misery or happiness has some form of company. Before you know it, when you embrace this method of thinking, you loose the ability to think on your own or make decisions based on how you truly feel. Amazing how some "real drugs" can do that to you as well. Anyways...

Those who are aware of this must be careful, so that you don't fall into the trap or addictiveness of what's popular, trending or happening at the moment. Somethings will be positive where others will not. There will come a time where you have to decide if you want to focus on a priority or do what's gonna keep you a fan club or in it one. This does not mean don't have a good time in your life! Heck it's too short not to. Please enjoy yourself. But don't put yourself in situations where you feel you have to second guess or you feel that it really isn't cohesive to what you think.

If you are "a drug" try and find something that you want to do that is just for you. If you have a friend that is "a drug" introduce them to another form of fun and excitement. And if you used to be "a drug" warn those who are headed in that direction. "Everyone should do things together, but not to the point to where you are unable to things on your own, if need be."



Daily THOUGHT #21 "NO Offense"

Led the Masters after 54 holes and lost on Sunday. Lead the U.S. Open after 54 holes and clobbered the rest of the field "NO Offense"...

It used to be hard being myself until I realized the importance of every other person on this Earth's opinion...Take a second a let that sink in. Preparation was always lengthy, simply because approval was the aim and to fit in was the game. As I have grown older, things are a little bit different now. I like to look at myself as my own worst critic and trust me, if I give the right away for something, it must be pretty special or must meet the standard that I believe is acceptable in the eyes of others.

The goal is to be able to know what others think before they think it, so that you can know how to react before the situation gets to be uncomfortable. The idea is to eliminate any opportunity to not be understood. In this life we live, we have to understand that people change like the weather until they are able to find themselves and be that specific season year round. By choosing your season and sticking to it, you must be extremely confident and very adaptive.

So tell me what's wrong with a little presence about yourself, a little cockiness about your work ethics and abilities. Just this Sunday Rory McIlroy won his first ever major PGA golf tournament by becoming the 111th U.S. Open Champion. When he won he set records that people thought would never be done for this particular event. He beat records held by the greats such as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Hale Irwin and Jim Furyk to name a few, at the very ripe age of 22. How was he able to do it, his cockiness. He told the media that he was playing to prove that he was talented enough to win and that he was capable of finishing a tournament strong and distinctly.

"NO Offense" but that is how we should be. When you master a craft, do just that and don't be afraid to prove to the world that you are what you say you are. Now does this mean that you go around treating everybody else like dirt because they can't be like you? No! This means that you are even more humble. When you become great a something that is a gift. You should then find ways that you can build bridges for the people that are around you. Let your gifts be tools for others, but cherish your abilities...There is a difference.

If you can do it, by all means do it and do it well. Walk, talk and live with an attitude that proves your are proud and very aware of yourself. And tell people, "NO Offense", but yea I'm the ________!!! You can fill that in with whatever you like...


Daily THOUGHT #20 "SIMPLE things that make it work"

Too often we find ways in relationships to make them turn sour or go in ill directions. Sometimes because we just enjoy conflict. Other times we try so hard to be impressive that we over shoot the target. Relationships are tough but with the right one the journey isn't so bad.

If anyone knows about the complexity of a relationship, it is me. Today I want the readers to tell me the little things that make a relationship perfect. Not the extravagant meals or adventurous vacations, but the "SIMPLE things that make it work"...

The 2 people with the best entries will receive 2 FREE tickets a piece for this Sunday's LOVE JONES @ SportsVision...THIS IS AN EVENT THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS... GET TO COMMENTING! =^)


Just to be cloooose to you...Giiirrl (Ya'll know the song) lol...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #19 "SIMPLE Chord Progressions"

Find a little Complexity even in the SIMPLE things...
Reggie Hill likes to define harmony as a continuous sound of preferred emotions expressed in tones or actions. This basically means everything going right and accordingly in all aspects of a matter between more than one entities. When you examine music, one recognizes chord structure as the foundation of harmony. Various tones are placed in a certain order to create a sound that is pleasing to the ear. We as people should be striving to do the same. Our life is ordered by steps, motions, intuition, planning and execution. When each of these is done in a proper manner respectable to your surroundings, harmony is accomplished.

Too many times we find ourselves draped by the same "SIMPLE Chord Progressions". Although, at the moment, this seems very satisfying to us but it soon becomes an act of repitition that we put up with simply because we know no other way to embrace the harmonies of our life. Each of us, on the inside, has some type of feeling pertaining to any and every situation. When we close this emotion in, we then create discord. This simply means that we are with-holding vital information that probably is crucial to the energy of the atmosphere. When we keep things in we allow the opportunity of assumption and imagination of ill mannered thinking to manifest. This is not good!

Box macoroni and cheese is good, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing like your Mother's homemade macoroni and cheese anywhere. The box or store brought brand will suffice for a while, but the urge and desire for that extra attention to detail and artistry in the presentation along with the complete "lose my mind" moment when you take the first bite will soon take you over and make you find your way home just to get some. What we tend to forget as humans is that this same energy is deep within us for everything. Some person, form of music, book, food, movie, TV show, hobby, craft, religion, activity or thought will get us worked up the same way. These are complex chord progressions.

Life has the opportunity to hard and full of pain or hard and full of joy. Please notice that HARD didn't go anywhere. We have to struggle in order for us to learn and appreciate. How we are able to adapt to the hardships of the world and grow from them all while prospering will determine what type of circumstances we will endure. Sitting around with someone and not telling them how you really feel about something is only going to make things horrific regardless of how peachy things seem now. Saying no to everything spontaneous for the sake of safety, will either make you die lonely on the inside or act a complete fool and embarrass yourself when you finally decide to let loose. Turning down the chance to do something difficult all because of your assumptions of what the world may think, leaves you in a world of why for the rest of your life.

"SIMPLE Chord Progressions" are nice, safe and can be quite pleasing to the listener. But being exposed to the complexity of variation and altered chords can propel you to a level of freedom and understanding that creates an unimaginable harmony that can spread so much positivity to your stationary patterns. Observe "SIMPLE Chord Progressions" only as recognition to he foundation of creation. But find that connect in everything that allows you to express your feelings and gain what you were expecting.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #18 "SIMPLE Routines Create Complex Abilities"

When focused, you can conquer all odds!!!

I believe that is safe to say that all of us have heard the phrase "practice makes perfect". I like to disagree with that & say that "perfect practice makes perfect". Well how can you practice perfectly? Simple, through accurate and precise repetition. When one is able to release the mind's fleshly tendencies and become free with the task at hand, one will be able to perform at unexpected levels of delivery. As simple as it sounds to the ear and reads to the eye, this indeed is one of the most difficult tasks faced by the human being. Having to have self discipline in order to remain mentally focused and attentive for a long period of time is quite the mission. This is only the intro before recognizing the imperative of attention to detail.

By creating a regular pattern, you then begin to develop a sense of order and become quite observatory. You begin to establish a belief that things can be quite SIMPLE if planned out and then executed accordingly. We sometimes seem to forget that the brain is a muscle just as the triceps and biceps that we so often slave over and worship. We must take the brain through some type of work out also. We must create situations where our brain has to function on memory, speed of comprehension and spontaneity. If we are involved in these environments consistently, we then begin to cultivate a knowledge of seeking perfection.

"By having to make the best out of the worst situations, you learn to deal with all occurrences..."   "By understanding all occurrences, you learn how to handle any situation..." Just like when practicing a Trumpet, if you can play from measure 1-13 with no mistakes but for some reason you just continue to mess up on measure 14, that doesn't mean go back to measure 1 and keep trying until you get it right, that's foolish practice! You must work out measure 14 until it is correct and then you add the other measures. Just like putting together a puzzle.

Once you develop a continuous routine for something, such as working out, cooking, reading, talking, teaching or whatever, your desire to do it more often increases as well your wish to perform and deliver on higher levels. This is where the new abilities comes in. It's all in the release of the mind. Whenever you can connect your inner being to your task at hand, you can work wonders. You will find yourself functioning and operating on several unexpected levels. This is then what it means to be free. If one can be properly prepared for this adventure of freedom, one will find that all things are possible.

Find something that you love and enjoy to do. Setup a practice routine. This means map out steps in order to do this task at a desired ability. Take notes on your progress and as you get more productive, put additional relating targets in the mix and see what happens. We have so many great abilities we just have to thoroughly plan them out and stick to the routine. Organize the things you do, put them in order and watch the results, you will be amazed.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #17 "These Meals are 2 SIMPLE"

Chicken Breast = NO TIME!

It's another Terrific Tuesday for "The Scoop" I hope that things are the same for you. If things aren't so well or you just need something to do, I encourage you go read my other blog posts; check out each of the web-sites tabs (i.e. "This Week in The Scoop", "World News", etc.) and express yourself through leaving a comment. This should definitely be inspiring. There is nothing like taking a day to do some good reading and writing. Smile today =^ ).

As you know, this week we are talking about SIMPLE. So it is only right that we include SIMPLE Meals. Since this is the summer time, everybody is at home but that doesn't mean that you want to be slaving over some hot stove; it's already hot enough in the city. Why make my house feel like a restaurant beyond those flapping doors all the time? Summertime is where we get smart and creative. We like to use our natural instincts a little more and see what alternative answers we can create for our everyday standards. Nothing wrong with that. Have yourself a good time. 

Turn on your favorite music and watch how innovative you become when practicing your culinary artistry. Your kitchen becomes you canvas when you kind find that place of release. I amaze myself all the time. Here is your chance to amaze the world. Tell us what you got! Like the commercial says, "Show me the CAR facts" and in this situation that means the Culinary Artist Routines. I want you to tell me some of your favorite, quick creations that are not only God's gift to the taste buds but also to the on the go family or someone who just doesn't enjoy clocking in before walking in the kitchen.

List the name of the meals, how to prepare them, timed operations (how long to do this, what to do at this point, etc.) post cooking preparations and what you do for presentation. Whoever has the BEST meal, this means it tastes great and it's not an all night science project will win 2 FREE Tickets to "Love Jones" being held Sunday June 26, 2011 at 7pm at SportsVision in the College Plaza on Meridian St. You have until Friday June 24th to submit your Meal; the winner will be featured in the June 25th World News!!!

Get to cooking and get to sharing. Speak to someone you don't know today, call someone you hadn't talked to in a long time and do your best to go to bed happy and all will be well. Now these tasks that I just mentioned..."These Meals are SIMPLE"...Cook this up in your life everyday and watch how positive things will become. Look forward to reading your entries. Enjoy your Terrific Tuesday!

Fish = Health/Creativity/NO TIME!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #16 "SIMPLE Minded"

Hello World! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Welcome to the first business day of the week. Get ready and get right. I must let you know that if you missed LOVE JONES last night at SportsVision, you missed the treat of a lifetime. The crowd was great, the atmosphere was vibrating all through the building and the entertainment was nothing less than spectacular! Be sure that you have your face in the place on June 26, 2011 it'll be happening all over again.

Now lets get into today's topic "SIMPLE Minded". For those of you who have been reading my blogs frequently, you can only imagine how many ideas surfaced with me when chosing this topic. Well I think that I am going to to piggy-back on two things today, Love Jones and the NBA Finals.

I was watching South Park last night after the Plan3t 3 performance and ironically the episode was on the different music of various generations. Apparently the boys and all the youth on South Park had fallen in love with the "Tween Wave". Now for those of you who don't know about the "Tween Wave" it's simply some off the chain beats with farting and other sounds of defecation in the background. Now Sharon Marsh told Stan, her son, that he could not listen to this "crappy music", as she called it, anymore. Please remember that all through the music it sounded like diarrhea on a mix-tape, seriously!

The parents even went to the extreme of calling a meeting and trying to show the kids what, in there eyes, real music was. The kids hated it and went on to say that parents just don't understand. I must say that I was very impressed with the illustration of the South Park writers. They used graphic scenes and creativity to not only express how "SIMPLE Minded" and "crappy" the majority of the new music of today is, but to also express how we grow in and out of things as time goes on, simply because of our simplicity. But what is the purpose of music? To move the soul and work as a form of communication between your flesh and spirit right? Correct, so if you aren't exposed to other versions of things, then of course the most simple thing that seems catchy and you don't have to think about will be your favored type of music. That's what these kids were suffering from. Stan's dad Randy even got caught into the fad, trying to relive his youthful Rock & Roll Legend Aspirations that he never accomplished. He was simply acting as if he enjoyed the music, so that he could say that he was still cool, "SIMPLE Minded"

What kind of Music are you listening to?

For those of us who witnessed the last game of the NBA Finals last night, we saw some history made for the city of Dallas, Texas. As they brought home their franchises first world title. This was a relief for the city seeing all that happened athletically in the previous season. (i.e.- Texas Rangers losing to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, Dallas Cowboys building one of the most immaculate football arenas, being the favorite to not only win the Super Bowl, but be the first team to play and host at the same time, and then having to watch as their 2 most envied arch-rivals play for the title on their field...I know that sucked!). So I can only imagine that this was a sigh of relief for the "Lone Star State".

As I listened to people tell me how bad the Miami Heat were going to do the Dallas Mavericks...I instantly THOUGHT to myself "SIMPLE Minded". Anyone who asked me about the game I said Mavs in 6 and look at we here. Mavericks won it in 6, in Miami. Just because you make some superstar team doesn't mean that it will be championship caliber. Just because you put some mix in a box and say just add water DOES NOT mean that you will have the world's greatest mashed potatoes or pancakes. This microwave management of everything is "SIMPLE Minded". To show you that I am unbiased, lets reflect back to 2004. The Lakers put this "Justice League" of basketball together and fell short where? The Finals...If you don't evaluate the entire aspect of something you will grow fond of complacency and simplicity.

So, it's SIMPLE. Expand your mind and look beyond just what is before you. When I eat burgers or sandwiches (my real friends are laughing at me now, because they know) I take it apart and eat each part individually when it gets towards a little less than half remaining. I do this to see how all the pieces of the puzzle were put together. You should analyze all things like that. Figure out how things function and what must be in place for things and situations to operate correctly."Take the long road home sometimes, you might see some unexpected things that can change your life!"


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Reflection #1 "GOD IS REAL"

HE will speak to you without saying a word...

Okay now...Everybody say it with me: "GOD IS REAL...All the time, and ALL the time...GOD IS REAL!" I know that most of you are familiar with God is Good and so forth, but I believe that we are well beyond that level now. What level you say? The level in which one recognizes the goodness of our Heavenly Father. Everday he wakes us up, that is enough to ensure that the man is good. We need to intensify our focus a little bit.

Ever wonder why the sky is blue, the grass is green, the Sun comes up and disappears? One of my dear friends and lead guitarist in Plan3t 3, Brandon Cawthorn, mentioned something similar to this in one of his illustrations. A small child was asking his grand-father several questions about his surroundings. The grandpa always seemed to reply, "I'm not sure". Well I am certain that everything that is here, is here for a reason and simply because "GOD IS REAL".

Everyday in each of our lives, God allows us to witness a series of events that will prove how real he is. Now it's up to us to pay attention and respond. Just the other day I thought to myself that I need to go to the yard (AAMU Campus) to pass out letters about the things I am doing with my charity and my business. Now mind you, "Ally" has been down for quite some time now (Ally = My Car) so I had no idea how I was going to get there. The very next morning I tell you, my dear friend and sister, Abreeotta called me at 8am talking about a cell phone. Me being sleepy told her what I could think of and turned back over. Then it hit me, "Wait I just said I needed to go to the yard and she is going to be heading to work shortly"..."Call her back". So I called her and not only did I get a ride to campus, she made breakfast and everything.

God works in such mysterious ways and when he talks to you, you better listen. My day on "The HILL" was more than extremely productive. I met several instructors and professionals who committed to helping me with my endeavors. I also got one step closer to my graduation this fall, talked to some very wise professors and got a few laughs from some of my friends.Seemed like nothing could go wrong, then I got a call from Abreeotta, only to tell me that the air in her building wasn't working, so she went home. Instead of getting upset about being left, I was like there must be something HE (HE = GOD) is wanting me to see, so just go with the flow and I did.

I went to the Morrison building, conversed with some other great musicians found out about some upcoming events that probably could help me with my future goals and got some assistance with my current projects. Just as I was finishing up the conversation, in walks another one of my dear friends, my sister Ashley. And guess what, she is about to leave the yard, headed home. Also guess what, she stay up the street from me. What a blessing. We ended up going to the bank who I also got to assist me with the charity and then heading home.

God knew every desire of my heart the whole time I did. He also gave me every opportunity to work towards the finish line of my desires. I could have easily went back to sleep after she called and who knows if I would have made it to the yard that day? I probably wouldn't have. I could have gotten frustrated and tried to find my own way home after my ride left, but no I was patient and ended up connecting with several others and finding a ride with someone who lived closer to my house than my original ride. "GOD IS REAL" my people. Start paying attention to his communications. It will change your life. Trust me!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #15 "Poor Business Judgement"

As I was sitting here watching the news last night night with two of my frat brothers, we were amazed and extremely shocked to see that the airport spent $24,000,000 on a luggage carousel. Yes my fellow readers 24 MILLION DOLLARS on a machine that spins suitcases in a circle at a rate of about 3 feet every 10 seconds. What in the world are we coming to? Now maybe if you spent that much money on some device that separates, labels and distributes luggage, okay I will at least admire your efforts in innovating the common tool. But this is definitely not the same case.

We find ourselves too often, having a little money in our hands and before we know it, it's all gone. Now there are several causes to this, but I want to illustrate on just two of these causes today. First, simply because we have so many bills. When you enter the real world, that is exactly what it is...THE REAL WORLD! Not some show on MTV, but a reality series on "That's My Life"...Seems like every check has already been dispersed and we have seen no dividends. Now wait a minute before you get all excited and start agreeing with me. A lot of this is preventable. If you are an apple, don't try to live like a steak. If you are a cheetah, don't expect to produce elephants. If you can't afford it don't get it. At least wait until you can.

Many of us love to live in fantasy lands and provide ourselves with the materialistic things that are needed to fulfill these loosely animated imaginations. Where as we are put in circumstances to help us appreciate what we have and work for what we want. "Things that are given are seldom cared for...Sad but true..." Get out there and get it and when you get it, use it responsibly and aid the ones that helped you get there.

Secondly, we use "Poor Business Judgement" when we live to impress others. Seems like we will buy whatever we need to make such and such happy or notice us. Where at the end of the day, there was hardly any notice to this, in your eyes, extravagant move at all. We must realize that when we are not honest to ourselves, it doesn't matter what others think, the inner pain and dis-satisfaction that you feel emotionally and hold in physically will eventually rip you apart. Prevent it now.

If you feel that something materialistic is needed to gather admiration from another person or group affiliation, then you may need to re-evaluate this particular alliance. If you are not able to be yourself and by you being happy that be enough for your peers, then you then may need to relocate your normal hangouts. Now don't get me wrong...If you got it and you want it, get it. But make sure that you will still be able to handle the things that you need as well if you have it abundantly help someone who doesn't and watch how much more will come back to you...If you are sincere.

Don't allow people or their self interpretations to force you into "Poor Business Judgement". Think everything through tactfully and responsively and all will be well...I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend. Have fun, enjoy yourself and steer clear of "Poor Business Judgement"


$24,000,000 luggage carnival ride. The world we live in. What would you do with that much $ ?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #14 "Procrastination Before Jeopardy"

I guess I can only blame myself if this doesn't work out the way that I want it to. I know that I have received every single sign that I could ever need. I know that I have been placed in every unimaginable situation that would actually lead me to going where I wanna go. I also know that who I want to know, knows what they should know. But, what am I doing? How am I utilizing my resources. Am I taking advantage of the opportunities being placed before me. Or, am I just thinking too much.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you just THOUGHT things were perfect and within the blink of an eye...BIEM!!! (bee-yum...say it with a lot of enthusiasm and you will feel it), before you know it all of that has changed. Seems so often that paradise is right there in arms reach, and we wake up or fall right before the footsteps. Thinking that everything is great puts you in an Utopia. Why do that to yourself?

We plan events in our mind or on paper and don't follow through with them simply because we always feel we got enough time to handle that later. Well truthfully to say, we don't have more time. Time is winding short, not in something enormous, simply in the days we let pass by. We must understand that as repetitions decrease. Depletion increases. Elimination of some tendency or mind set, that will not so easily  be picked back up like if riding a bike. 

We can not allow distractions to prevent us from reaching our goals. We can not allow circumstances to detour us or make us feel as if you are unable to execute. Perseverance is the continuance in a state of grace of the elect of God. That means that if you continue to push through, regardless of the occurrence you believe, that there is there is hope. Act on that good instinct or something is not going to play in order and yes, that Procrastination will create Jeopardy.

If you have something due, are supposed to be somewhere or have a positive THOUGHT do not procrastinate. Signs are put here to communicate. "Learn to listen with all your 5 natural senses..." Stop hesitating for a  moment and see how different things will be in your life... " "Procrastination Before Jeopardy"


Don't make your life a game show...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #13 "Press Beyond Jack"

You can be a Jack & a Master...

Does anyone know the phrase used to describe someone who is talented in several different areas...? Ah yes, a "Jack of all Trades". If someone referred to you as a "Jack of all Trades" this basically meant that you were pretty fluent in multiple endeavors. Your skill level was not only well developed on one particular subject matter, but on various virtues. I believe that we determine which kind of "Jack"...we will be by the questions that we ask and the response that we give to the answers of those questions. You can be a master of your gifts.

How do you respond to the everyday questions of our ever changing lives? How do we look at circumstances? How do we adapt to new environments? These are all questions that you should ask yourself on a daily basis. Anyone that will take the time to become efficient in many areas is then accomplished. Anyone who will take the time to analyze a situation versus accepting an adapted interpretation is on the road to wisdom. And..."Anyone who wishes to carry a conversation with all voices is a person of purpose!"

So I am in high school and I play all sports, but I don't teach people under me or younger than me how to excel and the team doesn't win beyond regional levels. Am I then accomplished? No. The fact that you are extremely talented is not enough. The fact that a rich person is rich is not enough. They either want more or find ways to throw it away. Why not invest? A murderer will either kill and want to kill some more or kill and get caught. Why not murder the idea of killing one another all together?

We as a people are so easily amazed and then satisfied with the mediocrity and simplicity of our commercial market driven society. We so quickly tend to be blinded by the flash of a situation that we miss the purpose or never see it because we don't seek it. Proper Preparation and Focus builds the foundation to an ever growing imagination and THOUGHT process. Productive and Prior Planning are all key fundamentals that create longevity and possibility. A free and humble mind will propel any individual to high heights of excellence.

To sit on one talent is really not living. To explore several talents is remarkable. To use your gift to make things better for our international society, that is destiny! Live out your destiny and "Press Beyond Jack". Why not become more than a "Jack of All Trades", why not become a master and example of all trades. Think Big! Dream Bigger! Your goals shall come to pass...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #12 "Power Brings Jealousy"

That's how we think...

It's amazing how many people qualify for Oscar nominations when their colleagues or peers are rewarded with some form of power! All of sudden those who you thought were friends soon become your enemies. Majority of the time whoever is in this new position of power, they don't even notice the change. Or in some instances, especially from some of my personal experiences...I just chose to ignore them.

Power can be such a dangerous thing. And please, don't believe that the outsiders are the only people that get Jealous. People in position of power get jealous as well. Imagine someone boasting their abilities and potential and prophesying all the accomplishments they would achieve if in that certain position and then when finally in place, someone who is under them exemplifies greater talent and ability without the advertisement. This will not only make you look bad, but you will feel worse.

Too many times we like to fill our minds with our own interpretations of how things should be in life. More general, we definitely think like this when referring to our careers and the people around us. People like these create situations similar to pots over boiling or volcanoes. They both may be rare, but when they hit, what a mess to clean up.

I want you to tell me some ways that "Power Brings Jealousy". Let me know what you would do in a similar situation. Tell me how you would solve the problem, the tell me how you would prevent the problem. Be Expressive!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #11 "Progess Becomes Justice"

Happy Monday to you my people! I hope that everyone is well and had a marvelous weekend. I know that I did! Not because there was something spectacular that happened, but simply because I created positive energy. Today I will discuss for you how to create Progress and how that then will transform into Justice. "Progress Becomes Justice" I talked with both of my parents for an extremely long time this morning and I must say that they have me very uplifted and ready to face the true challenges of the world.

Justice above all things has become the true challenge of our society. Justice for freedom of voice and action, Justice for satisfactory wealth, Justice for starvation, Justice for depression and Justice for Life. All of these are daily encounters that we as a people face head on every time that we wake up in the morning or for some of us, late in the afternoon. I like to refer to a very intimate phrase used by members of Alpha Delta Psi Society of Alabama Bandsmen, Inc. which states: "We must always Progress and never Regress". Now I know some of you are thinking how in the world can you never regress in today's living environments? It's simple, it's all in the mental psyche.

I like to reflect upon General George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the American Continental Army (1775-1783). There were several times that it seemed as if the 13 Colonies would have to surrender and submit themselves, once again to the rulings of the British. However these occurring incidents were only corn flakes in a box that had a prize in it...Let me break that down for you. This can involve any cereal now, my Line Brother for Omega, Chris calls all cereal: corn flakes. That was always funny to me, I'm actually laughing now. Anyways, as kids when you got cereal, sure enough you wanted to eat the cereal but the majority of the reason you got the cereal was for the prize in the box. Eventually it would not matter how many corn flakes were in the box. All that mattered was the prize at the end. It had no long term significance in the number of battles that were lost, all that mattered was the victory at the end. Because the American Continental army kept pushing, they were able to get the prize out of the box, while the British were stuck with the memory of all those corn flakes that they had eaten. "Progress Become Justice".

As you think about the current circumstances in your life, don't look at them as Oh My God what am I going to do? Look at them as man, I have an obstacle in my face but it is only a distraction. The prize that I want is still there at the end, I just have to find another way to get to my destination. Believe in yourself and you will meet Justice. Encourage others and you will receive Justice. We now can stand up or we can continue to sit down. Your Justice is determined by your Progress. "Progress Becomes Justice"...


Surrender your troubles to Freedom & Happiness!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #10 "Touching DAYS"

Those days where nothing else will do, those are “Touching DAYS”. When you feel like something is missing and the only way for things to get better is for that special something to appear, those are “Touching DAYS”. When you get that mindset of completion or accomplishment, as if you are on top of the world, those are “Touching DAYS” and of course when you get that feeling…Oh that feeling, where you just have to be with someone, even if only momentarily, those are “Touching DAYS”.

We find that in this life we live, there will be several of those moments. We find that as we engage is fun activities that we develop a team of like minded individuals who think somewhat like we do. This then becomes quite intriguing to us and we quest to find more people like that. Or at least we should, do you? To be able to create a memory is like having one of the many powers of God right at your fingertips. If one is able to imprint a lasting impression in the mind of another person or thing, then a true connection has been formed, “Touching DAYS”. Memories to me are like friends, sometimes you love them and sometimes you don’t. But either way they touch us.

I must tell you all the reason that I am using this topic for Daily THOUGHT #10. As you know one of the Blog Viewers is the inspiration behind Friday Blogs. Today’s featured viewer is my good friend and sister DeUndra B. I told her that I was going to use our experience as the topic, because it was a hilarious moment! A serious moment, but we found a way to make it positive.

Everything was going well. She came to pick me up so that I could run some errands. We got in the car; turned on the air, bumped a little music and we were cruising. It seemed like nothing would go wrong, until…Yes you know that moment when everything pauses and you look at your friend and say “What the….?” Well you all know the rest. See we kind of had a moment like that, only we remained positive. “Laughing will cure any mental disease!” Now I know you are wondering what was going on, well let me tell you. So the car starts to cut off whenever it wants to. Drive a mile, car go to sleep. Drive a mile car pass out. Drive another mile car faints and it finally got to the point where the car was laughing at us for trying to get it go anywhere. The car was just dying of laughter or something.

I realized that the car needed a tune up basically from what it was doing alone. We went to a mechanic and he said the same thing, but because of his overwhelming labor charge, we were willing to take the risk of struggling to get home. I mean we were pulling into parking lot after parking lot, to prevent from cutting off on a main street. If you were watching us for a long period of time, you would have THOUGHT that we were making a film. Now mind you it’s got to be no less than 300 degrees outside. We were drenched!!! But then came the saving moment.

DeUndra had got to the point where she was about ready to just park somewhere and wait a while, but she looked up to the sky and said the most hilarious thing I had heard the whole day…”Lord just TOUCH the Car”…”You ain’t gotta do nothin’ else but just come down here and touch it!” When I tell you that I was weak from laughing, my eyes watered from chuckling so much. Of course I added more to it. “Lord just carry the car”, “Lord just breathe on the car”, “Lord just slap the car”. We were trying to think of anything that would get us home.

Sure enough after all this, it cut off again…and again, but eventually we made it to our destination. Because we were able to laugh amongst opportunities of embarrassment, anger and frustration, it made a trial not to be that bad and it made being upset not an option. Create “Touching DAYS” all the days of your life. “Make everyday worth the memory that it shall soon become!”


Daily THOUGHT #9 "DAYS of Solitaire"

As I mentioned before, I want my blog viewers to get more involved! So for this Daily THOUGHT, I want you to tell me what you do in “DAYS of Solitaire”! Use this time to actually sit down and think about what you do with your spare time when you are by yourself. Are you trying to figure out ways to get something you want? Do you find time to help the community? Are you plotting against some good or evil? Or do you just enjoy peace and quiet?

Search 4 something & find your way!
Tell me about the things that make you unique! Help me understand our people’s train of THOUGHT! Also use the time to think of some things that you would like to do during your “DAYS of Solitaire”. What motivates you to explore the many experiences that the world has to offer and how will you do it? Let me know, the most interesting responses will be added to WORLD NEWS on Saturday…


Daily THOUGHT #8 "DAYS Off"

Mom! I know it's not morning already!?!?

Ever feel like you just have “DAYS Off”? Why does today feel like Saturday, when the day is actually Thursday? Why can’t I seem to do anything right today? Is this a throbbing headache coming along? And don’t those headaches seem to come around when you got something really important to do? If anyone knows about that, I do. I have suffered from migraines since a very young age. But, any who, today isn’t about me…completely. I briefly want to discuss what causes our DAYS to be Off and how we can help start preventing moments like those from happening, it’s really simple.

Let’s observe a normal day. See the human body is controlled by a lot of energies. Your first energy is based on how you feel when you wake up in the morning. Did I sleep well? Was I tossing and turning? What kind of dream or nightmare did I have last night? And finally what in the world woke me up, other than the Lord of course? Was this something I planned on happening, like an alarm or did I have a little assistance from an unwanted sleep intruder. Yes, there are unwanted sleep intruders in the world. These are the types that will wake up whoever they please, whenever they please and for whatever reason they please. These sleep intruders have never really had a concern for “the sleeping”, they just got something they want to do or someone they want to irritate. And by any means, they will do it.

Next concern that comes to mind is what type of gas are we using to fuel up with today and what kind of detailed work are we going to do on the exterior frame. Yes when you wake up, you have to think of yourself as one of the world’s finest artifacts of transportation. Seriously, think about the car that you love or dream about and make it your morning routine to care for it and you become the car! See we have to understand that our fuel is food and our exterior frame is our skin. What things are you going to put together daily, to ensure that your “whatever your favorite car turned human is” is going to be prepared for a day of positivity and productivity

Following this will come the killer! What in the world does it feel like outside? Is it so cold that your fingers and toes have numbed to near non-existence? Is the wind blowing so forcefully that you have to cover up everything but your eyes and you still can’t see because they have become watered like rivers? Or is it so hot, that everything on your body is sweating including your clothes and shoes, making you feel like one of those Wal-Mart rotisserie chickens! And let’s hope that nothing decides to fall from the sky today. You know how crazy people can become when the weather is no longer just a feeling. When weather becomes a dual action, it throws off everything.

Is the real car in shape to get me where I am going? Am I catching a ride today? Man I pray that I am on time! Does everybody always drive this slowly? Nope! Only when you got somewhere to go, come on these are grade school facts…The next energy is quite simple. How are you getting where you are going and what will happen on your way there?

Finally, you find yourself having lived a movie already and you hadn’t even got to where you are going! WOW! How exciting is this? You get to live a movie every day? Well yea if you take the time to make it that way. See it’s interesting that a lot of times when I am looking at TV, listening to radio shows or watching movies, I always seem to laugh harder, get more involved than my company and really pay attention to what is going on. Why is this you say? Because I admire creativity and I want to know what the writer was thinking of before their work of art came to life. You should look at your life as a work of art as well. “And all great art has vigorous preparation, organization and structure!” When you wake up, there will be mornings that make you grumpy because of some off the wall matter that will cause your eyes to open; some DAYS you will be so late getting up to where you can’t fully prepare yourself for the world the way that you need to. Other days you will wake up feel your forehead and feel the window and say “No Sir!” “I will not be able to do it.” But then you have to realize that you have to treat these days like you woke up and found out that you had won a million dollars! Why? Because from the moment you get up you are creating your daily energies. Create positive and productive energies. Leave behind any form of negativity. “DAYS Off” they can be mastered!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #7 "Pay DAYS"

More than what meets the eye!
Every day, I hope that when you read “The Scoop” you would want to leave a comment. Some days for the “Daily THOUGHT” I will give you the foundational THOUGHT alone and I want you to give me some in-depth feedback. That means I really want you to discuss it with me and tell me what are some great examples, experiences, solutions and of course your THOUGHT on the outcome.

This is a very simple task and I take it from Dr. Julius R. Scurggs, Pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL and the current President of the National Baptist Convention. He was telling us how we would be financially stable when we became senior citizens, if we followed this simple rule. The rule is that when you get paid, give 10% to God, put 10% away and use the other 80% to live. Tell me what you think and on Saturday we will post one of the more interesting responses. Have Fun! Be Expressive! "Pay DAYS".


Daily THOUGHT #6 "School DAYS"

Wake up! Those were the words that are most reflected upon when watching the movie “School Days” (School Daze) directed by Spike Lee. For those of us who are familiar with this movie, we recall when the character Dap, played by Laurence Fishburne repeatedly screamed at the top of his lungs this very phrase, wake up! Trying to get his people to see a bigger picture, but was he too, blinded by his own personality? Why is it that we have to return back to one way of living as a people? Why can’t we allow ourselves to embrace all forms of living? Now I do feel what the Brother Man is saying, “If it endorses the campaign of equality and service and not the politic of self understanding or self righteousness.” We too commonly disregard those that we call Leader, simply because of some flashy saying, some form of a societal allegiance, or their ability to instill fear in those who are guided. All of this starts with the school…

Sunday School is the first place that something of this nature should be observed. Now what exactly are we observing Reggie? Well my friend, we want to acknowledge the role of a leader in a childes life from a tender age and determine what examples of their leadership will form the foundation of the childes future and becoming character. Yea, a lot! Now this is truly untested until grade school starts. Sure enough you have to try very hard, as a child, to keep still in church, but it also clicks in your head for a long enough moment that “wait nobody else is acting a fool so let me chill out too” feeling. And sometimes, in life you need those. These are the feelings that keep us from falling flat on our faces in several situations. However when one enters grade school, this whole “everybody is being good” atmosphere is thrown completely out the window with no concern of its return or existence.

Now here is the test! Can you take these same tactics and control your flesh in these new circumstances? Yes this is where all that “home training” comes in. We must also understand that this home training is more than just what you get at the house. You do know that your home is not here right…? Talk about that later. Our homes are first with family, the community and our church. This is what you must carry with you when you go out into the world! Now when you face the temptations to act in anger or unjust ways, you have something to recollect. I find it funny that our Leaders yell at the people and do not expect the people to yell back. Let’s look at society. Leaders- “We are cutting back on jobs, taxes and gas will be higher than ever, schools won’t have the equipment needed and oh yea the judicial system will treat you as they feel, not necessarily according to what is right!” People- “Well I guess it’s time to round up the gang, make a few robberies, sale a lot of drugs, commit some murders, drop out of school and go get pregnant!” Nothing else should be expected! I like to call that the “dumb double” you tell me something dumb and my response will be dumber, something like the example I just gave. “You get what you give”!

“School DAYS” should be way more than this. But what are we doing to put adventure in the lives of the children? In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned how everyone has some purpose (Developing YOUR Purpose) and how this should be passed on to someone else. “School DAYS” are about making learning fun and exciting and making the expansion of the brain accepted and admired. We are all children of something until we are gone. Why not add as many schools as possible under your belt. What are schools? “Schools are simply a place where you learn and work with others.” So this includes fine arts, athletics, social clubs, honor societies, camps, parties, movies, concerts, interns, jobs, friends, mates and enemies. I told you, we are all children and now you see how we are always in school.

Somebody was smart enough to invent a notebook, a camera, a telephone a computer and several other things. Use them and continue to make “School DAYS”. Yes! Create opportunities that are before you, by being able and willing to learn. I like to tell my students all the time, something that Mr. Wesley used to tell us. “You got two ears and one mouth; listen more and talk less!” Put yourself in those situations, where you will have to listen to something. But only do this if you are then allowed to think and dialogue about the matter. Take pictures of great moments. The memories will help you in the future. Don’t lose contact with the people you started with; they were the ones with you when you had nothing. Just have fun! Find something that you enjoy and let it be your escape from the world. Because this is your image, think about that.

I close as I finished. Wake up! “School DAYS” are all around us at all times. You are always learning something. Apply your “Daily THOUGHT” process to everything that you do and see and things will get better. Speak to somebody and learn together. We have all the power to change whatever we want to. Let’s do it! Get out and do something soon, so you can experience a class that you would have never learned about. When you got that feeling to say something, don’t hold it in, because at that very moment you may be becoming a teacher for someone and you not even realize it. Live your “School DAYS” free so that one day you can be freed. Class is always in session, so be sure you find ways to remember everything you ever learned.