Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #67 "The Wrong One"

"Don't let your life get turned around because you behaved in the wrong manner with the right person..."

Hello there my people! How are you? Happy Thursday. I pray that everyone has had a great week thus far and that you are getting prepared to have an even better weekend. My apologies for those of you who were expecting to read a blog yesterday. The laptop I use at home was stolen Sunday and I didn't have a way to the yard yesterday, so I had no way of writing it. I am just going to do and extra thought between today and tomorrow to even everything out, so just stay tuned. Have any of you caught on to what I was doing this week? Well I will reveal everything this weekend in the World News, so be sure you check it out.

Don't you just hate being the first person that someone sees when they are mad or ticked off about something? Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you are first...if one gets too worked up, they tend to take everything out on anybody they come in contact with. What's quite interesting to me is how when people do get upset, everything else around them seems to irritate them even more. If one is driving, the traffic begins to get on their nerves, if one goes somewhere to eat, please don't let the service be poor or you will never hear the end of that...You try to reach somebody and they don't answer the phone or reply, go ahead and add them to the $#!+ list too (excuse my symbols for all my sensitive readers).

I like to believe that the enemy works just as hard as God does if not harder to lead us in certain directions. I think God takes the best friend approach and the devil takes the evil professor approach. You know how your best friends tend to know everything about you right? Well they always give you advice based on how they know you act, trying to lead you in the best possible direction...but when you are stubborn, they let you learn on your own and then comfort you when you fall on your face! Whereas the enemy will give you all the facts, prepare your for a test and then assess you on material that had nothing to do with what you were learning. Not to mention he's never in during the expected office hours.

We as humans miss out on so much simply because we get distracted or we base our actions on our own agendas. We, at all times, must be mindful of what our true mission and purpose is at all times. I guess it would be smart to figure out what that is first...Do you know? Follow the signs, it's probably directly in your face, you just aren't paying attention. Life works in phases, so be careful that you aren't just going through a phase. I laugh all the time when I think about how my fashion taste and personality developed over the years. Somethings that I wore and did "back in the day" I would never do now...quite hilarious.

Why do we allow material things and the actions of others to get under our skin so much. Do we ever sit down to take a chance and ask: "Is it time for this in my life?" Do we ever analyze the surrounding situations in order to guide us in the direction we need to go? Or do we just rush everything...wake up and hope for the best? Believe it or not, the majority of the people that live in our society just get up and do whatever. We have to break this cycle. We look at the elegance of a young lady, how she should be graceful, elegant and sweet mannered this is what we expect. But when a young lady is using strong profane language, dressing inappropriately and doing things out of good character because of anger how do we respond? What do we say...what should we do?

I would love to see the day where humans actually acted on their intuitions. We make eye contact with so many people, but continue to walk past them. We run into the same people, whom we don't take time to know, all the time but make no effort to find out why we keep doing it. We go places and silence our own characters and personalities just to fit in with our surroundings. When will we understand the respect of individuality? When this day comes so much will be better here in the world.

If you are mad about mad, because sometimes we are mentally or physically tough enough to endure certain life problems, but don't let that interfere with you interactions with other individuals. You never know who you may run into or what they may be able to do to improve your life, how you can improve theirs or how collectively you can change the world. Don't be so caught up in your own understanding that you dismiss the emotions and feelings of others. Don't be so overwhelmed by the actions of humans that you retaliate negatively to those around you. Life was never promised to be simple, easy, fair or always enjoyable, but as long as you make the efforts to keep things positive, positivity will follow you and those who you may come in contact with. Leave the stress alone. Smile my people. Peace!


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