Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Reflection #6 "STILL PRAISING"

Dear God,

Hello! How are you? I assume that you are looking down wondering why we do the things that we do in our daily lives...pondering about how we get to the conclusions that we reach, which lead us to act and react a certain way. I guess it gets frustrating, seeing the people that are made in your image drifting off from the passage in which you paved for us. I can only imagine how heart breaking it must be to see our living conditions this day in age. I feel like it's only more disheartening having to watch as we allow situations to pull us further and further away from our abilities to implement change, simply because we don't know how to deal with trials and tribulations. I won't even begin to attempt to compare that to anything in my life.

I am at a state of need...That's how I am feeling. I'm not feeling bad, but I am just in need of clarity and direction. Seems like regardless what I do, the enemy is there lurking and waiting to attack like a predator in the jungle does his prey. Please don't mistake my words for fear or disbelief in who and what you are to me, but I need you to lead me where I need to be. I thank you for my ability to remain calm even in the most hostile of situations, but please work through me that this will remain forever consistent...because the circumstances are becoming more and more overwhelming. Only you can guide me through this.

I wish that I could just see things sometimes. I wish that I would be able to recognize the signs as soon as you place them in my surroundings. I wish that I was able to truly interpret the atmosphere of wherever I am located at any time. It has been my belief for quite some time now that all things are indeed for a reason. The days events take place, the people involved with the action and everything that led up to that moment all linked up somewhere down the line. Any great professor can explain what something is by reading material from a book, but it takes a true teacher to be able to explain how everything came together in order to make something happen the way that it did and what will be the latter result in the future. Make us to be great teachers.

For so long we ask the question why us? Why do we have to suffer? Why is it that we always seem to take 3 steps forward and then out of nowhere, 5 steps back? Why do we have dreams that give us visions of great and marvelous things, only to have them taken away from us or blocked out of our reach for some reason or another? What happens to that same spirit that gets us to the point of belief, when things go wrong? Does it flea as well...was it really there or was it an allusion? Every thought imagined down to the number of steps we take on a daily basis are for just cause right? I know so, make me to cultivate the who, what, where, when and why, that what is to be fulfilled will be fulfilled.

As I look at my life, dating back to my previous birthday, I realize that I am on a specific journey hand made by you God! I thank you for chosen me to fulfill whatever mission it is that you have before me. From the death of my Grandmother and Great Aunt, from my uneasy departure from the Music Program, from the lost of my car, from my iPhone being stolen, from my other phone line being cut off, from my job and university screwing over my funds placing me in a horrible financial bind, from various attacks towards my band and business, to my home being broken in today and we having a 40 inch flat screen television and two laptops stolen, one of which containing the only remaining pictures I had from my grandmothers funeral and every song that I ever wrote on it...I STILL PRAISE YOU!

The Bible tells us the story of a man named Job, who had everything taken away from him by the devil but his life. The devil asked if he could attack Job and you granted him permission as long as he knew and understood that he could not take Job's life. Today when my home was robbed, I was sleep. You spared my life and for that I am so grateful. Sure enough these material things were taken, but I am still here able to testify about your many blessings and continue on in my journey of fulfilling a task that you had for me long before I even existed. Thank you! Show me how to think, walk, talk and live like you! Help me understand, that I may be able to help others! Live through me that others may see you!

I guess the enemy wants me to be worked up and against you, since all this stuff has been happening. I thank you for allowing me to see who my real friends are during these situations. I thank you for helping me to recognize how the world thinks and I truly appreciate you seeing something in me that will one day be beneficial to others. Bless my International Family. Help us to be more like you and guide us daily that we know you are there with us! Love you dearly...AMEN


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  1. Amen bro! Amen! I feel you on this one.....