Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #56 "All In Search..."

Sure enough...Seek what you value! But above all things, value what you seek!!!

Greetings everybody! How is your day going THUS far? Thought I'd start it off a little different today...and only fitting, seeing today's topic of discussion is "All In Search...". I figured it'd be pretty interesting to reflect upon your day even up until this point whether it be early in the morning or late in the evening when you read this. Map out where you've been, what has led you to this occasion in your daily story; read this "Daily THOUGHT" well and see how it fits in your life at this moment. I promise it will help you in the future. Let me know if it does.

You know when you go off to college, there is this feeling in your mind to how you hope things will go. There is this vision in your heart to how you expect experiences to go. It's not always like we imagine however. What I feel is ever so interesting about life...is the fact that we spend so much time attempting to create things a certain way, when we really never know the outcome...or do we? Everything is a mental state is it not? We create emotions, that create statements, that creation reactions, that create atmosphere. Simple enough. Our atmospheres are like the steam that comes from a boiling pot of water on the cooking stove. There has been so much put into process from walking into the kitchen, picking the pot, filling the pot with water and much more before the steam has actually had an opportunity to rise. The steam is the release.

Depending how involved the energies are in something, the larger the outcome will be. Many people gathered in a location to feel a certain way will come into that place initially expecting to do something in a particular fashion. For instance, when you go to a party, one would expect to ultimately have fun, right? When you go to a music recital, one would want to be enlightened and entertained by an artist's interpretation of various pieces of musical literature. And of course if someone goes to a wedding, one is or SHOULD be expecting to attend the culmination of two souls finding each other and linking harmoniously in an everlasting bond...but that's for another days discussion. So...those people involved, now bring their immediate previous experiences along with the long haul memories which fuel their personalities to this particular gathering. From here people will begin to express themselves through words or visual gestures that pertain to the scenery.

Do we really initiate enough things in life? I know there is a lot that comes to your brain constantly, it's human nature...but when it comes what does it do? I am very happy that I am reaching that point in my life where I sit down and really analyze everything that is going on around me.When you do this, it allows you time to process what's next. See we are all messengers and the people that are in our life give us the directions to where we should be going. Ever really had something on your mind and then you talked to someone randomly and they answered what you were thinking? If you haven't be patient; it happens to me all the time. The quest is before us. The drive is in us. The clarity of purpose is always the question.

Murderers to me are so over rated compared to some of the people who aren't incarcerated. I witness everyday, people who are so fortunate to have life, but have several misfortunes simply because they kill ideas, not just others but their own as well. Pride has been become so important in the lives of our society now that we are willing to do some of the most hateful things only for the boasting of our own "good character". When this becomes your lifestyle...what are you really in search of? Material is just what it is, material. In the age of adolescence that is hard to realize, simply because our materialistic fantasies become our believed to be necessities.

Let's say there are nine letters, three each of A B C...they all go to a place called # in order to retrieve the numbers 4 5 6...in the process the letters get scattered...Situation I- A1 gets connected to a C3 who is connected to B2 who knows A3, mind you A1 knows A3 as well (may wanna read that again), but because they are on different missions A1 and A3 have been separated....Think about that. Situation II- C2 knows B1, who knows A2 who knows C1, mind you C1 has never met C2. They are both C's, but never crossed paths. Each of these letters were in quest of finding a certain number, because there were others that had similar ideas, various letters became connected . Also in the process the letters that were unaware of previously existing connections were now connected on another level. We as people do the same thing. Go look at your connections and tell me what you figure out.

We are "All In Search..." of something. What that is only God, you and the people who truly know you can elaborate on efficiently. Affirmation may come in the least expected of places, be sure that you are ready and prepared to receive and accept it. When you go outside at night time, you realize even bugs come to the light...We always want to see where we're going. Sometimes we don't need to see, we can see all that when we get there. Live your life knowing that it is for a purpose. Express yourself knowing it will only lead to the answers of questions that you and several others have pondered on for lifetimes. Everyday leads to another piece of what seems at times to be a puzzle that can never be finished. Keep collecting and continue storing. Your harvest will reap before you know it. Peace! Speak to someone you don't know today...


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