Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #63 "Writing the Script"

"In life don't be fooled by the cover...There is so much more on the inside!"

Hey there my folks! How are you? Hope that all is well with everyone and that your week has been progressing forward smoothly. I am slap dead in the middle of a storm right now, but I am so grateful for life, so I know there is only room to improve and get better. Seems like troubles come in the most horrible of times and when they do...My, my, my, like the old people used to say "When it rains, it pours!" Dealing with the time before things begin to slack up is the most difficult, but realizing that the shining sun is only around the corner should give us all hope and relief.

Since I started doing this blog thing a few months ago, my mind has really began to wonder about all the chances that life has to offer. There are so many places that one may travel to. There are so many movies that could be watched. There are so many innovative opportunities to be fostered and manifested in various societies. And finally, there are so many people that could play such great roles in our life, if only we'd let them. I often wonder why the human mind is so nerve racking. Why do we think about things so much that we pull ourselves away from possibility...? Even with the simple task of flipping a coin, one experiences possibility. It will either land on heads or tails and if you are fancy it may land on it's side. Who knows? But we do know there are options.

I talked yesterday about variety. Variety and options really go hand in hand. When you go to the grocery store, especially the larger and more furnished will see that there are several different versions of the same things per-say. Why? Simple...Our society is broken into several classes. There are economical classes including wealthy-making it-and poor, educational classes basically those exposed to different cultures of products-and those not exposed and the "what I prefer" classes, basically people who just stick to what they like. By creating options, our market based economy is able to flourish, well at least until the people who are supposed to govern the market get completely deviated from the matter at hand to deal with unrelated issues, usually turning their attention to be focused on the concern of personal matters and unnecessary topics of discussion...but anyways, we'll talk about those people and that situation on a later date.

It seems like when things are going well we make plans, but more so allow events to fall into place. Whereas when we are going through things, we find ourselves making road maps to A). Get the heck out of the situation and B). Making it so we will never have that experience again. But see with option B, that's where we mess up. See here on earth there is nothing that is definite. There is nothing that man can say will be a particular way and it have no room for error. So why do we expect our life to be that way? Why do we assume that there is a possibility for us to write the script in our life and everything work out the way that we want it to? To me, by having this belief you are only making matters worse in your mind and eventually in your reality. See there is a difference in the director and the composer. We have to learn our role!

What's so great about our creator is that he gives us options. He allows us the opportunity to make our own decisions and live with what decisions we have made. Our tests come as quickly as someone asking us a question...How we respond could possibly determine how the cycle of events will occur for you in the next series of days, maybe even months or longer. Imagine someone giving you a script and then saying you were the director. What would you do? Would you attempt to make the script your own and fill in parts the way that you think they should be...or would you analyze the product before you and find ways to embrace what was given and make the material the best that it could be? Life is the same way.

God has given us each a gift, which is supposed to be used to foster our purpose here on earth. Our gift is our script. See there is already a plan for us, but how long we take to get there and if we get there at all is on us. See each day we have a chance to surround ourselves with various characters who play many different roles. In our mind we are thinking of what has happened most recently in our personal life on the majority of occasions because of this we then base our emotions on how we interact with other people and surroundings as they begin to become involved in our life in a timely manner. What we then must be able to do, is decipher who or what is actually for us at that time and most importantly who or what is of the past time or sign of something to come in the future.

Just yesterday I made plans to do something. Because of the people involved, my plans were deterred and I was lied to. Now any normal person would have been highly upset with the situation that I was in...Honestly at the initial point of the experience I was very upset, but then I realized that it must have been for a reason, all the things that took place. I made special preparations and even a few sacrifices to get where I was going, only to get there and everything be changed. "Some people make things so personal that in the long run they end up hurting themselves."...Don't end up like that, because when it's all said and done, you're going to wish that you took advantage of given opportunities. Although things didn't go the way that I wanted them to go, I learned so much in the midst of the circumstance. I saw people that I hadn't seen in ages and it made way to a great evening with friends that I will never forget.

When storms come, they wash away certain elements of your life. Sometimes these elements will never return, other times they will return when you least expect it...only to answer questions that you have pondered on for a long time. Be sure that you are ready to take notes when the signs speak to you. Endure but for a little while. The humble man will find much great fortune in the future. The greedy man will reap...but only temporarily. Do not be one of those doing whatever to get whatever. Make the proper life adjustments to receive what you desire. Stand firm in your beliefs and know that soon a change is going to come. There is no way that we could possibly determine the complete outcome of how situations occur...but we can select the characters carefully, the plot and our role in the production. Enjoy your gift --->"the script"...If you are a reader, make it a best seller and if you are a movie person, make it a box office hit. In the words of the guy from the movie "Water Boy"...YOU CAN DO IT! Peace!


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