Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #53 "Slaps In the Face"

There is more to life than just what's in front on you!

This will be the second of three Daily THOUGHT's today. I think that it will be very informative for most, because it seems that everyone is enduring something. Whether it's family, school or job related...there is something that is going on. But little do we know, the answers to our problems are right there in our faces. When are you going to stop ignoring what is around you?

I like to believe that I do pretty well with words. Whether it's reading, speaking somewhere or writing something, that field is something that I kinda own...and when I found music, I knew how my gifts would one day combine. I feel like I have been put here to deliver a message to the people through writing words and the solicitation of sound and art. This was not a difficult discovery, it just took forever for me to realize it. If you pay attention to the places you go, the people you hang around, the organizations you join, the clothes you wear the forms of entertainment you indulge in and any other hobbies you may have, you will understand how to organize your talents to meet a need in the society.

Do you have a favorite super hero or favorite number? What's your favorite color? Do you see things consistently in the most random of places? Do certain things always seem to appear when you are around certain people or do you have things that remind you of situations and they only seem to occur right on time for an ironic reflection? Well these are what I like to call signs. Because we have industrialized our environment so much, we forget that the original form of interpretation was through sign. Before anyone knew what words meant or how sounds would distinguish emotions, people and other living creatures relied on the signs of the earth and it's surrounding to dictate how things were.

We must begin to walk with the same quest of knowledge and understanding. "We must learn to be a witness to fact versus being an audience to irony." Sure things may be ironic that they happen when they do, but do not allow that to be your last stop on the trail of life's discoveries. We seem, so often, to be amazed that something happens in the spur of the moment or in complete disregard to our anticipations. Because of this we then spend all of our time analyzing the instant, to the point we forget to recollect on why this moment in time is actually taking place...The enemy will especially find ways to manipulate the mind, using any person or issue to draw us away from what we need to be doing at a particular time.

Just yesterday, I was in the Patton Building at AAMU. I saw this guy with a Batman backpack...Now mind you, Batman is my favorite super hero in the whole world (I think I will explain it next week, I will do a special on super heroes) anyways I really wanted to ask him where he got his backpack from because I had never seen one like that, but instead what did I do? I was caught in the irony of the moment, so I started thinking. This guy had in headphones and didn't seem to want to be bothered, so I thought, and seeing that so much else was going on in the hallway I was like forget it, if I am meant to ask him we will see one another again. So I am going to my 2 o'clock class, six hours after I was in Patton, and guess who I see and paths cross yet again...Yep the guy with the Batman backpack, I at least speak this time as I always advise people to do but that was about it, also consider there were only 3 people walking on that part of the campus at time including the two of us.

Finally, I go to my class and there is a young lady who is in the course as well but she has a class conflict. This means that she is enrolled in two classes that meet at the same time. So she comes and gets her assignments and turns them in at here leisure, just by the due date. It was amazing to me though, when she came in she had already completed the assignment that we were currently working on, so she asked if she could introduce herself to the class and tell us about her work and of course the professor was enthused, so she did! This was crazy, because she didn't know any of us or how our reaction would be to what she had to say, but this didn't stop her. She shared with us things about her and then we returned the gesture. This was indeed a Slap In the Face for me, because I knew that I should have done the same thing earlier in the day.

We never know when it will be too late to handle something. Nor do we know the outcome of our opportunities when we wait until the last minute. When you know you have something that needs to be done, do it. And when you get a sign that is reflective to a situation acknowledge it and progress from it. Don't allow visuals to serve as coloring books. The art of life is deeper than that. Keep your eyes open and you will be amazed the things that you begin to figure out. Take notes on the sequence of events in your life, you will then discover how you operate. The chance is yours. Live to be wise, don't get slapped in the face forever unless you like that kind of thing...


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