Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #48 "It Feels Like School Again"

So much diversity in the world...Go draw a picture...
My people! Hello there! I hope that all is well with everyone. I am living, so I guess that things are on the up and up. I think I am starting to develop my routine for writing these blogs. I know that it is sporadic, but I have learned to go according to how mind and heart join together and come up with things. In this life you must be willing to observe. Be establishing a desire to live by given signals, you really begin to learn a lot about the world that we live in.

For the majority of our nations student body, the time to get back in school has crept around the corner and planted itself directly in our face again. I am happy to be enrolled in my last semester as an undergraduate, yes clap for me, but as I came back things really didn't seem like school. I guess I was still in summer mode, needing to be in my own agenda versus a planned agenda provided by the university. Things seemed to be going according to consistency. Students were complaining about things and the staff was given people the run around, but when there is so much change in policy, perfect accuracy shouldn't really be expected.

Have you enrolled in the class of Life 101? If you haven't then you should immediately. This is not a BS course I may add. You will begin to see things and recognize situations that you would have never imagined. But see there is a, I guess what you would call a prerequisite. You must be open minded and free spirited. What does that mean? It simply means that you must be willing to accept other opinions and points of view, while embracing change through opportunity of enhancement. One may be enhanced in several lights. You may learn a new word or do something as extravagant as getting a free trip to Hawaii.

I like to believe that you don't need a degree to be considered a teacher as well I believe that you don't have to be enrolled in school to be a student. We must get to the place in our life where we allow everything that surrounds us to teach us something. We also must get to the state of mind where everything we do is in reflection of how it will affect others in your life and not just yours! We must begin living that we are vessels for the improvement of the international society. That's what education is about right?

Enjoy your day my people! I will probably post 2 more today, I just feel like writing...


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