Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #66 "Look at Me Now"

MJ said it best...Start with the man in the mirror...

It's Tuesday my people! What's the word? How are you? I am doing pretty well...starting to feel as if this storm that I have been in for quite some time now is beginning to settle. Because of the life path that I have chosen to travel, I know that the storm won't completely die out, but at least I will be able to find comfort in life's daily situations, versus them pulling me down or holding me back. It's almost Wednesday, and you know I like my readers to examine the mid week status...so go ahead and get things done today. Put a little more pep in your step.

I love watching people grow up for some reason. When you meet people and they stay connected with you for a number of years, you are allowed an opportunity to witness the progression or regression of that particular individual. If they are truly important to your life, how they live will effect you also. It's imperative to have friends in your life...people who won't necessarily carry you through a situation, but more so be there as you endure what it is that you go through. Sometimes just the security of someone else being with you is enough to take on the tasks of the world. When you find someone that you know is dependent on your personality, abilities or even just presence, you should offer the same assistance.

We look at how people place things together, either in hopes of self glorification or the benefit of others. Sometimes this is short term related or long haul intended. You examine founders of organizations who put in place a chance for long term relationships and service methods to be constructed and endorsed...whereas you find members of these organizations who attempt to use their rank in order to manifest some self indulgent idea that righteously is only beneficial to the individual. Why is this? Why is it human nature to gain attention in any and every aspect of life? You ever been in a conversation with two or more very competitive people? If you have or have not, the next time when you are, notice how intense things will get. People will start interrupting each other, some will even keep talking as someone else is in mid conversation and of course you will have those that profess that "Oh I already did that...I do that all the time...see when I do that I" and so on.

1966, to me, has a lot of "Look at Me Now" situations. The first acid test is conducted in San Francisco up rooting the Hippie Movement, Robert Weaver becomes the first African American to be appointed to the Presidential Cabinet as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Texas Western, now known as UTEP, with five black starters defeats the national renowned Kentucky Wildcat basketball team opening the door for black recruitment. Gene Cernan completes the second space walk. Caesars palace opens in Las Vegas. The idea of the first video game is constructed and Star Trek debuts. Because of several riots, the U.S. Department of Transportation is created. The AFL-NFL merger is approved by the U.S. Congress creating the NFL as we know today, no to forget the highest scoring game in league history was played this year by the Washington Redskins and New York Giants (35 years before 9/11...NYG scored 41 points 9+11+20+01= 41). Funny how Walt Disney would die and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" would appear huh? Well at least Kwanzaa's initial celebration took place shortly after.

We look at HUD today and how it really plays no role in the upkeep of our housing, particularly in the urban areas. Why would this department be so poor in action? We examine politicians that come out of Texas and their lack of concern for African Americans, but look at the difference those five blacks made on collegiate sports. Amazingly, I saw a light skinned young man yesterday with a black and whit Kentucky shirt on. This year the NFL season openers included the New York Giants versus the Washington Redskins and also a match up between the Dallas Cowboys (America's Team) and the New York Jets (self explanatory). Disney films are constantly changing the face of the world and we all know that the Grinch is a tradition every winter. What now will effect the future generations? What are we doing to prepare a safer and brighter future for our youth?

Surprisingly a lot of times those type questions are not our concern. We tend to do things with intentions of helping or pleasing ourselves. Eventually we have to realize that actions like this may seem great temporarily, but sooner than imagined it will take it's turn. Some mentioned yesterday that when you become a parent you must engage a selfless attitude. I feel we must be selfless at all times. We are placed in situations to give a message to someone, as well someone is also placed to give a message to us. Let's start working as one that we may be able to progress together. Believe it or not when we open the gates of opportunity anything is possible. When you look at yourself be thankful and know that if you are living, have family and friends and you are doing something you want to do in life...then you are rich beyond measures. The more open you are to the world, the richer you will be! Peace!


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