Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #60 "Don't Be Fooled"

Don't be fooled by a great combination of words...

Hello my people and Happy Monday to everyone. Hope that your weekend was well. I had an amazing time. This was the first home game for me since 2001, dating back to Murphy High School,  where I wasn't suited up in a band uniform taking the field. Indeed it was a crazy experience and I wanted to be in the stands with the band, but being with all the people who marched with me "back in the day" =D was a great feeling. We laughed about some of the good ole' times and just really enjoyed each others company, not to mention the band and the football team destroyed Tuskegee, so it made the day even better. 

You know when you hear or see certain things, you expect those things to be a certain way. When you hear something related to Ruth Chris Restaurant, one thinks of great steaks, an elegant atmosphere and pretty expensive prices. When a struggling foreigner looks at the United States, they see a land of opportunity and a chance for better living. When anyone who knows basketball hears the name Michael Jordan, it's automatic, the greatest player of his time and in my eyes of all times. What people fail to realize is that there is so much that makes up what you see before you when you are visualizing a presentation. Ever went to Wal-Mart? Sure you have, do you think the store just looks like that? No there were people behind the scenes that made the store what it is.

Too many times in our life, we get so caught in what is before us visually, that we forget what got us to that point internally. What is your definition of class? What would you describe as being unlawful in the realm of courtesy and respect? What is too much in a presentation or expression of feelings? Should we consider the feelings of others before we say things or should we just appeal to our surroundings and whatever we think is right at the time? These observations should be considered pivotal in the process of being real or being sincere. As I observe my people on a daily basis, we tend to avoid the unpopular just to create a feeling of acceptance. I like to compare that to people who use drugs to cover emotions. Sure enough the right amount of anything will make you feel great, but too much can be detrimental...besides it eventually will wear off and you'll be back to square one. Emotions are the same no matter how you decide to treat them. 

When dealing with the everyday person, one should be able to analyze the truth. One should recognize the clarity of another individual. I like to believe that eyes tell everything, but when you can't see the eyes...follow the gestures and when you can't see the gestures, pay very close attention to the comments and if no comments are made ask questions. We have to get out of the mode of passing by people and not conversing with others simply because of what we or other may have us thinking. Life is too short and we as a people are connected more than you think.

It mind blowing to see certain people act out of character, but who makes up the rules of character. What makes you think something is the right or wrong thing to do? Regardless of your answer, it probably will be different from the next person. We must learn to respect others in the midst of expressing ourselves.If one feel that washing dishes their way is the only way, that's fine but observe and consider other ideas before trying to force your way on somebody. I said that I wasn't going to write much today, because this is a touchy matter for me, but I will close with this...People, over the years, develop several masks. With these masks, they go from place to place leaving an image in the minds of others. Be sure that you know the masks of the people you associate with. Understand them fully, not to tear them down or separate yourself, but to learn the root of this mask's existence. From that point you will be able to truly understand someone. That should be your goal with all your friends and those you come in contact with.

I leave you with this challenge...Do all that you can this week to truly learn the people you say you love. Now sure enough you can't learn everything in a week...but that is a great start. I wish you well in all your endeavors! Peace!


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