Monday, September 5, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #50 "Distant Memories"

Find peace and structure, even in the roughest of places!

Hello my people and Happy Labor Day to you! I hope that everyone had a safe weekend. It's football season again, so I know my deep South viewers are too excited. Shout out to the Alabama A&M University Bulldogs, even though the football team was unsuccessful, I know that MMW showed out and stole the show. I love my school and of course War Eagle!

Today I think that my topic of discussion is rather fitting for the holiday that we are celebrating currently. Labor Day, what exactly is this celebration about? Well it is designed to take place on the first Monday in September. It was adopted by President Cleveland way back in 1894. The first recognition of the day however was actually in 1882. Amazingly after a labor strike across the U.S. it only took six days for Congress to pass the law of making this a Federal Holiday 0_O, I would love to see Congress pass a bill in six months, let alone six weeks or days in this current time of Congressional Administration. That would be like Christmas actually being in July..."Distant Memories"...

This past weekend was rather awkward for me. This was the first time since 2005 that I would not be making the band trip. I really didn't know how to feel. It seemed like everything was so ceremonial. My line for the Trumpet section met up in the computer lab earlier that day before the band left. We always seem to be together. It was the current Interim Director of Bands birthday, he as well is a former member of the Trumpet section. I got to sit in the band room and watch them rehearse after we continued the tradition of the entire section storming into his office and giving him his birthday gifts. What an experience!

Work is something so hard to deal with at times, but it is necessary. Unfortunately, all things as we know come to an end. This however is only a physical state. I personally feel that the true work of an individual is never depleted if it is done genuinely and effectively. I like to believe that if you know how to do something, you should be willing and wanting to show someone else, so that things will live on, tradition. I sent a message out to the current members of the Trumpet section expressing the continuation of a task set many years ago. After reading I am sure they understood the responsibility that rested on their shoulders. Their performance gave evidence.  

Why do we retain memories? Simple, something impactful changed our life. Whether it was positive or negative, it left a mark on us that would remain for quite some time. We must ensure that we are creating memories that last a lifetime. We should aim to create visuals that will serve a reminders to the way things should be and what served as a positive influence in our life! In your family, school house, work force and all relationships this task is hard but worth it.

Anytime that we are placed in a situation, we have an opportunity to manage the end result. We have to be able to examine the current state of being and construct actions that will be beneficial to something positive being gained from the experience. This simply means we will have test in all aspects of what we do, how we respond is key to what memories we will create. Many people say that you only get one chance to make a first impression, but why? Who knows what someone is dealing with at the time that this impression is being made? Who are we to decide whether something was approved or not? We can't judge our people the way that we do.

You do however only have one time to react to your instinct and it go the way that it should go. You must decide whether you are going to go all out or if you are going to find another way to the solution based on the surrounding situations. A lot of times we find ourselves in unneeded predicaments simply because we don't fully think things through and because we want an instant result. You must shew away from that mentality in order to foster great memories, things that you will want to reflect upon in the future. Why work at something if it truly isn't going to serve as a gain in your life?

Eventually we all will find ourselves moving away from whatever current situation we are in. The question is how will your past and present dictate your future? Be sure that always keep in mind everything that you do does not only effect you, but others as well. Be sure that you understand, even when you think you are alone...someone is watching your every move. We must be role models to our own minds before we can attempt to guide others. We must be construction blueprint writers of our own life, to build houses that will serve as shelter for all those who may one day endure what we go through. And finally we must be thinkers of our own fate, that those involved in our life will not reap something that is not good for theirs.

Continue to work hard and it will pay off. Eventually all of the work you put in will be recognized by others as it becomes a distant memory for you! What do you want to be remembered as? How do you want to be thought about? What help to others do you want your journey in life to give? These are questions you should ask yourself and then answer. Love that you are living and follow your heart and mind. Adventure into the world and explore it. You only have one life. Find what you love to do and use that gift to make a difference. When you are long gone, someone will tell your story. Will it be good or will it be bad. "Distant Memories"...Enjoy your day my people!


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