Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #59 "Eyes Alone"

Be cautious of how wide you open your eyes...and how soon you close them...

...takes a seat after hitting multiple back flips...Ow! It's Friday baby! That means the weekend is here and what greater time for a college student than football season? I am so amp-ed about the game this weekend between Alabama A&M University and Tuskegee. This is promising to be a great turn out and a great day for my people. If you are in the Huntsville area, be sure to meet the Normalites at the Old Gym for the pep-rally at 6 tonight...Good Times! So how are you all doing? Regardless what your answer may be...devote the rest of the day to making yourself feel great. You will be happy you did.

You know there are somethings in life, that you try to avoid but no matter how much you try it never fails you end up directly in the situation with no ability and sometimes no desire to leave it. We allow our curiosities to get us so tangled up that our sense of pride kicks in when there is trouble, only to increase the level of concern for the matter however. We then move on to make rushed decisions in attempts to avoid further confusion, only to risk even more the chance of making the incident worse. Why do we always seem to add weights to our race? This will only slow you down. Think about it.

I think it's so wonderful though, the energies that the human body releases when surrounded by others. If you're happy you want everyone to know it and usually to know why. When you are upset, normally one will bottle up their emotions not seeking the input of others at the time...and of course when you are mad, everything kinda just seems to flow on out easily, attempting to knock down anything that seems like a wall as you pass by. For some reason we are very protective of our emotions and rarely seek the acknowledgement of others. We get upset when people can read us, but should we? If everything is for a reason...why not?

Ever watch politicians speak? They use a lot of hand gestures to express there points. Preachers use a lot of continuous dipping and voice fluctuations. Teachers use various head nods and parents we all know have more emotions and ways of getting messages across than there are colors in that huge Crayola Crayon box, real talk. I feel like we as individuals do similar things and in the act of trying to avoid reaction we crate entirely new atmospheres in our mind. When this happens, one expects immediate relief because this is something completely new. All of this could be avoided when one is straight forward with expectations, feelings, goals and just life in general.  

Sure enough, the tongue is the most powerful thing on the body, but I truly believe that the eyes are a very close second. No matter who or what you are, your eyes tell just about everything about you. From how you feel, what you've went through, what's on your mind and whether or not you are sober, these are just a few things that the eyes solicit. Whether you believe it or not, it's possible to tell someone exactly how you feel about them without saying a word. My father tells me stories about his childhood all the time. This one story about him in church is quite fitting for today's topic. He told me about how he may be in church acting up, and all Grandma had to do was look and he knew what to do! He said that she had the "Boy if you don't stop that right now, I will..." look, the "Ooo son, when we get home from church, my, my, my, O_o" look and finally the most hated look of them all, the "Get yo a$$ up right now and meet me outside, obviously you aint ready for church" look.

What expressions do people see from you? I know that you do realize, every time you walk into a room full of people, they observe you and then think about you. See the brain remembers initial encounters, OMG moments and immediate past experiences. Those three traits then combine with right then and there in that moment. Eyes will either seek and find or give and show. Depending on how strong one is emotionally a lot can be displayed creating awkward atmospheres. There is no need to worry about this if you learn to control your emotions. To control your emotions doesn't mean shut everything out, it only means be able to adjust with your surroundings and give off what energies you want to release and all those around you completely understand. Don't be afraid to ask questions, just ask them in discretion. What one wants the world to know, he or she will tell it. Be safe this weekend. If you are traveling I wish you traveling grace. Make memorable experiences. Peace!


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