Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #57 "Stability in Hostility"

Tough Times call for Tough People!!!

What's up world? How are you? I am doing...okay today. Seems like things get lined up the way they are supposed to be and then something happens all the time huh? Well at least that's how things have been going for me. I love my life because it is filled with so many people who teach me so many things. I also love my life, I guess because I am loved back. It just seems like all the time in between where I am deep in thought, the entire balance of life being productive is thrown off.

I was watching a cooking show the other day. I could not believe how intense things get in the kitchen. Emotions were flaring, tempers were rising, there was constant screaming, some were cursing up a storm and a lot of personal remarks were being thrown was crazy. Sure enough it was a competition and the viewing audience does need the entertainment, but some things are just a bit too far. Surprisingly I am a person that has no judgement on the use of words I just have an opinion on the context for which words are used. Take for example the word ignorant, most people you know get heated up if someone calls them ignorant, right? Myself, I use the word all the time...simply because it means not knowing something. If you haven't been exposed to it or you don't understand it, you are ignorant to that matter, simple.

"The fuel of competition may burn too fast for most engines." Think about yourself and others that you associate with. How do we react in times of competition or when we are under extreme pressure? Do we take initiative and find a solution to the issue? Do we get involved but then panic and retreat, allowing someone else to figure it out? Do we act as if we know the answer when we really don't or do we just sit back and see what happens? All of these traits are what make up the society that we live in, along with the people that antagonize and create negativity. As humans we are under extreme pressures even when we don't know it. Every idea that comes to our brain will lead to our next action. Examination is vital. We must make sure that we manage and organize our thoughts in order to remain stable in any situation.

Yesterday was my Grandmother's birthday, sadly this was the first one that any of my family had to experience without her being here. Indeed this was difficult, but bearable. This year was also the first year since '05 that I wasn't packing up with the band to travel and perform. This too was very difficult but bearable.We as human must understand that the Stability and Hostility of any circumstance lies in our hands. "We can control the fate of occurrences when we learn to control our emotions..." What would life be without hardships, failing at something and bickering with the persons that you care about the most? Pointless, unappreciated and dull...There are matters that we don't have control over, but we can control our conduct.

What does it mean anymore to be loyal or confidential? Is there any more belief that word is sacred and bond is everlasting? These are questions that so called best friends, organization members and leaders should ask consistently. We find ourselves so many times involved with projects that calls for the opinion and ideas of other people. We must realize that every time will not go smoothly and everybody will not always agree. Respect is key in order to remain stable. I feel that once humans realize that each person has their own individual thinking pattern, we may then begin to embrace one another in more healthy relationships.

Health is not just about fitness, just as hostility is not always a dual or grueling match up between two hated parties. Health also deals with positivity, production, effort and purpose. Hostility is anything that is opposite of what health represents. Are you working towards a healthy life or a hostile life? Think of things in the long term before you make decisions and listen more to truly understand where your peers, colleagues, friends and family are coming from when they are expressing something. Don't be so quick to be offensive. A strong, stable and humble defense will always win! If you are going through a trial right now, keep your head up! If you are the cause of  tribulation, fix things where you can. Move swiftly with integrity. Remain stable in all hostile situations. Peace!


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