Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #61 "The Easy Bruisers"

"Never cover up the lesson of life's bruises...but always protect yourself from further harm!"

Greetings and Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? I hope that all is well and everybody started their week off great. I am in a middle state of mind right now. It's like I feel as if everything is not really lining up the way that it should, but I am nowhere near letting these occurrences bother me. I feel as though I have accepted my journey. Finding people that will understand me will be quite difficult, but even if I don't find them...I been kicking on my own for a long time, so it won't stop me now. It takes a lot to knock me down!

I wish it were like that for a lot more people! It just seems today that people let the smallest and most UN-important things get to them. This then creates a snowball effect that leads to solitude, which turns into a bad attitude, which is followed by mistreatment of the people closest to you, which then turns into miscommunications, altercations and sometimes long periods of disconnect that clearly could have been avoided! Are we supposed to let things get under our skin like that...or is that why the skin and outer tissues are so thick? How else do you think we will be able to take on the world...We are built to sustain anything that is thrown our way. Here's the catch though, you have to be able to combine that human toughness with true mental stability. This is the only way!

Ever got cut or bruised...? Well I have been branded several times, seven to be exact, and let me tell you that is no great feeling. Sure enough the actual brand didn't hurt that bad...It was extremely hot O_O but that pain only lasted for a short period of time. The hardest part was the healing process...the scab turning back to skin. You have to imagine how large this scab is. This is not your normal scraped knee from basketball practice, this is having your skin removed and now it has to grow back. How do you deal with something like that? Well, the answer is pretty simple...you just deal with it. It's so amazing, just like with the brand, in life we ask for the situations that we end up in. You have those that warn you about how it will be, what is the aftermath and sometimes they even provide you with how long you will suffer because of your decision making. Do we listen? Usually not, but hey that's what makes the world go round right? Right.

I look at my brands all the time and reflect on how painful it would be to lay a certain way, have my clothes brush up against my wounds and the reaction of "oh my gosh I should slap you" when people would hit my brands, not knowing they were there. Same kinda logic applies to the brands of life. When we get hurt, it even makes it hard for us to function in the various places that are home to us. All the things that used to seem so great to us then become back burner residents and finally it seems like everyone and every situation is there to knock us down. Why do we mentally shut down like that? Have we been programmed through media, public speakers, the government? These are questions you should really ask. I thank god for peroxide though, it made the healing process a lot more bearable. What is your peroxide in life?

When you think of Christianity, you know that Baptism is a common process. This is used as something like a crossover as well a period of cleansing. While my brands were healing, the peroxide served as a similar common purpose. It cleaned, sterilized and protected my wounds all while lessening the pain. We as humans must find the things that will do the same for us mentally and physically. The only time that we are able to fully return back to our responsibilities and duties is when we are able to completely release ourselves from the routine state of mind. If you live this life thinking that you won't suffer, it'd probably be best for you to be gone out of this world anyways, because the troubles are coming...you have to learn what things make life easier for you and embrace that when times get hard.  

Silly humans are so wishy-washy these days, so be sure that you are careful who you depend on. Notice I didn't say who you were friends with...because you should try to befriend everyone. We are all brothers and sisters. This however has nothing to do with whom you will trust and allow to socialize in your inner circle. Why do I say this? Simple...people bruise so easy these days, they don't know how to tolerate negativity or hardships. So overwhelmed by misunderstandings and assumptions, most people today take the smallest things, blow them out of proportion and settle with being unhappy simply because they don't know how to deal with pain. If you are one of those who holds grudges and takes things out on people, remember you are only lowering your own standards. There is too much going on in society to be worried about petty things. Remember that. Silly how the U.S. Congress is more concerned about an anti-planking law than they are about passing the Jobs Act proposed by President Obama. Guess it would cut too many people too deep to see a black man fix a white mans (Bush 43) problem. (Don't take it as racism, just stating facts)

Be safe today. Quit complaining about the simple things. Stop getting mad a people over the slightest issues and learn to love and be happy. I promise it will make your day and you walk in life so much better. Speak to someone you don't know today. Peace!


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