Saturday, September 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #54 "Silly Rivalries"

Some rivalries aren't meant for the Playground...

I know I said that I would post 3 Daily THOUGHT's yesterday, but the sleep spell definitely took over my body. I was knocked out early. But, I will just post the third THOUGHT today and you may read it along with the World News.

As I contemplated on exactly what I would write about for #54, it kinda just came to me. Football season is here, the food industries are battling it out with the most entertaining commercials and forms of advertisement in history and of course we all know that the political scene is boiling up dramatically, especially with the 2012 Presidential Election right around the corner. What are we doing to embrace these visuals? Are we taking notes and analyzing or are we just going with the given flow of things and responding verbally when something doesn't go our way or according to the instructed plan?

Too many times when we are in altercations based on a siding of parties, we tend to forget that regardless what something says on paper, it too is liable for inconsistencies or even complete disregard to the foundation of the initial idea. Who are we to blame for this? Do we blame the particular parties or do we take time to investigate the implementer of the action? Rivalries, like what we eat and how we live can indeed be healthy. But at what measures based on pride and popularity are we willing to risk in order to tackle serious issues head on? No one can surely cast judgement on another, but one can examine the facts and the records and come to a feasible conclusion.

In all lights where there are various parties involved, there is still always a common factor or an origin to branch from. We look at U.S. Politics, sure over the years there has been the establishment of multiple independent sectors, such as the Tea Party, Socialist Party USA, the Labor Party, etc. but the known dominating parties have always been the Democrats and Republicans. This is the catcher, see our nation is built on reform based on the occurring situations. Our leaders have always been people who should be able to render solutions to the problems of our society, at least that's what the documentation says. Because both parties, over the years, have had people to come in and adjust somethings to fit their own liking, you have found other leaders step up and create other ways of getting answers.

This still does not take away from the fact that the origin of all of this was to govern the people and remain steadfast to the ideals set by our founding fathers. We see this is organizations today as well. We find ourselves joining groups based on what will be afforded to us more so socially than in the efforts of service and meaningful projects that will indeed bring relief to the masses versus our own self righteousness. We find even in our churches, "good" Christians speaking out against the association with "bad" sinners. What kind of world is this? What many people wouldn't believe is that at the beginning the Republican Party probably had more benefits to minorities than that of the Democrats, but based on the people...look where we are now!

There is nothing wrong with a little rivalry amongst friends and even the nation, but we must learn where to draw the line. We must observe the true meaning of that which we give oath to. My best friend is a student at Alabama State University. Many people to this day can't understand how that is even possible with the bitter rivalry that comes from this bad blood between two institutions...but we have a common denominator and that is Music. Because we are both talented, have mapped out and stamped our own journey's and have ideas that will propel ourselves and others in the future, we have respect for one another. This is indeed the key!

I hope for the day when people will realize that we are all different, but because we are made in HIS image we are too all the same. It's just up to us to find where we agree and manifest that into understanding the rivalry. Please don't misquote me now! I still despise of anyone or anything associated with 'Bama State as we call them, but the people there, some are those who I have grown to admire and cherish as friends very deeply. We may not agree with the source of something, but learn why you don't. Don't just base your assumptions or analogies on what people offer you. Do the research for yourself. Find the truths in all that you do. I promise it will be for a more positive outcome! Peace! Have a great weekend...


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