Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #65 "A time of Laughter"

Even a child can sense when something is not right...Laughter is the only things that will get us through some of today's foolery!

Hello My People! How are you? I am hoping that everyone has started their week off properly...All smiles and organized in an orderly fashion. If not you still have time to regroup and get things the way that you would like to have them. Go ahead a plan ahead for the upcoming days. Don't procrastinate on that assignment or task you need to complete and be sure to find ways to relax and enjoy yourself. I am doing pretty well. Things aren't exactly how I would like them to be, plus a lot of stuff is just piling up...But I am so blessed to be living and to have the people in my life that I have. Because of this, all is well.

How many Tom & Jerry fans do we have out there? Can you believe that this show debuted 46 years ago yesterday? Yea, that show is old. 1965 was just a year of laughter, if you look at it from a 2011 point of view. What do you mean by that Reggie? Well let me tell you. Did you know that Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Bill Bellamy were born in 1965? Oh yea and those guys are hilarious. Martin is my favorite of the three. i think that I connect to him a lot. There were three more very serious events that took place that year, but like I said if you look back now, it was a time of laughter.

This indeed was still a time for our nation where people would shoot first and ask questions later. Majority of the shooting was from White supremacy, so there was really no need for questioning anyways, we all know they just did what they wanted to do. Many people were disheartened as Sir Winston Churchill died after falling very ill, while others were in turmoil and confusion upon the assassination on Malcolm X. Did not this man just profess his thoughts of society and attempt to reach solutions to a failing country. I guess that didn't matter if your skin tone wasn't approved by the hierarchy...We can notice this in the massage age difference and way of death experienced by these two individuals. But hey what significance does their lives have anyways? Society is in a completely different direction.

President Johnson was sworn in to his own term this year in 1965 after having to complete the term of previously assassinated President Kennedy. Johnson's main idea was implementing his "Great Society" Plan. This was very similar to that of the "New Deal" and "New Frontier" plans proposed by President's Roosevelt and Kennedy, only it was more ideal to the current national crisis' that were at hand. The main concentration was of course poverty and segregation. Shamefully many states, particularly in the south, were still not ready to conform to the new ways of the nation. Sad that people actually thought like that, but when I look at the world now...People are just as uneducated as they want to be, only in different subject areas.

The Voting Rights Act was signed into law on August 6, 1965. Has it truly served it's purpose? If you look at it as just giving us a right to vote, then yes it has. But if you view it for the principle of what certain minorities were then allowed, then no it has not served it's purpose. People kill me when they complain about how things are in the world today but say nothing about it, to people who can make a difference. I have yet to understand why our nation has moved to this mental state which makes us to believe that the government controls us. When will we again realize that we control the government. WE decide who goes into the office and it is left up to us to make sure they adhere to what they campaigned on as well understand and work to fix the problems of society. How can we complain if we do nothing about it?

I just got through watching Obama live in the Silicon Valley as he informed the people how we would begin moving our country again, fixing unemployment, bettering education and securing a better fiscal budget. In his closing statements he urged our nation to be vocal and express to their elected officials how we felt about what is going on in cities and states. He emphasized that we must make moves that will benefit all not just one particular political party. As we look at Congress and other politicians, it seems they are focused on the now and temporary political positions rather than trying to do what is best for the future of our people. When are we going to step up and stop allowing this to happen. In the 60's, when there was no internet, bills and laws were being passed swiftly because people took action.

All these privileges we have been granted have made us lazy and complacent. Since we don't have to go out and get anything anymore, we have become satisfied with the little that we have. People have died for the right to be vocal in a country that is said to manifest freedom of speech. People have been tried in our court system because of race and religion, in a land where everyone is supposedly created equal. And now, we witness as a minority holds the highest position in our country...only to have blashpemy spoken to his name and constant attacks from people who would allow the country to fail and fall down to unrecoverable states before supporting him. Sad day...have things really changed here?

As you go forward in your daily walk, understand that something got you where you are today. In the words of President Obama, someone invested in your life, that you may go on to be something spectacular if you put your mind to it. Why not be all that you can be regardless of what situations may come your way. Why not take advantage of all opportunities that have been provided and why not support those people who are trying to make a difference in the world. "Where many are joined for one cause, there will be change...but where many thoughts are joined with no support, there will be complete confusion!" Speak to someone you don't know today. Don't make our life something to laugh at. We can do all things...Remember that and let Christ be your strength. Peace!


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