Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #52 "But the Simple Things"

Don't make life so Complicated!!!

Hello my people! I hope that all is well. It's the weekend, so get ready. Football season is here so make room for all the fun and excitement. Best wishes to all those who are going out of town to see a game or something. May you have traveling grace. I believe the last time we had a discussion was Tuesday, so today I will be posting 3 Daily THOUGHT's. There has been a lot going on energetically the past few days, I had to collect my visions. Things seem to be so much more obvious when the weather changes.

Interestingly, I had a slight encounter with someone the other day who really wasn't that fond of history. Now depending on who the teacher is, what frame of history is being taught and the time of the day when the class meets, yes...History can be a bit boring. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't because of the content of the text, but simply because of the societal atmosphere that we live in. Everything now is so accessible, today is so a microwave.

The importance of research and discovery is slightly fading away, basically because there is no need for it anymore. Anything that anyone wants to find out is more than likely on the internet of some CD where you can listen to it...and yes I know CD sounds so outdated for some of you all. The emphasis of book production, like pandas, is almost extinct. There seems to be no room for imagination anymore. Even on television, there is usually nothing left for the eye to wonder about anymore, everything is just displayed and thrown around as if to say there is no need to develop your own ideas, just base your understanding off of what you see and hear, that's what the folks behind the screen want us to do.

Humans have the tendency to be fooled so easily, simply because we are ignorant to how society works, starting with those who control the industries. There are religious industries, political industries, food industries, every day need industries and of course the temptation industries. All of these which can and do work positively but just like any great movie, there is something in the milk that isn't clean eventually. We find ourselves in overwhelming amazement simply because of the actions administered by those who have the access to deliver. All of this is because we thrive on adding complexity to tradition and creating our own legacies based on the works of the past but with new and innovative developments.

We find churches who emphasize on the value of the dollar in regards to salvation. A lot of these ministries then find themselves as indoor Christians, not really living up the responsibility sent from above to lead others to Christ. It becomes a show and people are conducting their own business rather than God's business. We listen to and then are led to believe the promises of our political leaders, as they feed us mumbo jumbo that serves as nourishment during campaign time but becomes non-existent during the term of office. Why is this why is everything so corrupted? It's simple...Personal Agendas! When you do things for yourself versus the impact it will have on others, you are doomed for trouble! What may seem to be working out great is only footsteps away from disaster!

We make things difficult for ourselves, simply because we don't enjoy facing the reality of things until it beats us up! Seems like you can't get much done when you are being polite to people, but when you raise your voice or act out of the stereotypical professional character, things seem to get done! We must move away from this mental war of believing that force is needed to control any situation. We must begin to reflect upon our surroundings just as a young child would. Young children always look at situations as a new journey, a new direction to see life. We as adults must do the same thing. Each day that we start our day, do the Simple Things that will make you be at peace. Remember simple gestures that will make things move smoothly and even swiftly. Pay attention to detail, so that you can recognize how everyone feels during an altercation or celebratory occasion. We are but who we are around, remember that...It's deeper than anything you might be able to think of!


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