Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Reflection #4 "OUT OF THE STORM"

Give all praises to HE that gave us all things!!!

Hello my good people. I pray that all is well with you. What a beautiful day it is. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we are living. It is so amazing to be able to know that God woke us up this morning and for that we should be happy. It's been a while since I have done a Sunday Reflection, but I feel that it is so necessary at the moment. It seems as though everyone is in that season, where everything seems to be headed in a direction but where to is a little confusing. I am here to tell you today that all is well!

It's so difficult living this life, not knowing what to expect or where to go. Seems like we take one step forward and then our destination finds a way to take three steps back. When we come up with bright ideas or solutions to our problems, it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is so bright, but as we take our steps towards point b from point a the light just get dimmer and dimmer. Why is this? Why do we find ourselves struggling the way that we do and always sitting around without an answer? Well my friends this is simple. It's because WE attempt to create a resolver for things that we should automatically know is not is our hands.

Human nature calls us to think on the level of humans...Now Reggie how else are we suppose to think? That's what we are! Well I like to look at things a little different. See the Bible tells us that we are made in HIS image and what that means is that we have the ability to do all things through Christ who strengthens us, but when Christ is not involved with our situations...well what do you expect? Of course we will struggle. Anyone who knows me, knows that I strongly feel that everything that happens in the world is for a reason. They also know that believe that everything that is supposed to happen will happen.

Lets examine how doctors began doing test on lab rats. They would place the rats in a maze and at the end of the maze place some cheese. Now for us humans, imagine the cheese as money, a lifelong goal, a relationship, graduation, a big project in the work force and ultimately eternal life! Of course this is something that we can see or in the mind of the lab rat, something that we can smell. However, you know there is no straight shot to this desired destination. There will be road blocks, trials, tests and signs that serve as a road map. As the lab rat begins his journey, he usually gets turned around, lost and sometimes even has to start over but his persistence is what eventually leads him to his goal. 

Just as the doctor watches the travels of the lab rat, God does the same for us. The mazes that the doctor makes for the lab rat is not very easy, but it is manageable. God does this for us as well. As well explore this great creation Earth, nothing is really laid out for us to just grab but neither is the task of receiving unbearable. We must make sure that we are examining everything that comes our way for it is a sign that will serve as a clue to discovering the treasure that we so anxiously anticipate. People, situations, locations, timings, weather and of course emotions and energies all play an important role in figuring out the direction in which we need to go.

"A storm is nothing but a prelude to sunshine" Remember this when all things seem to be failing. Life is nothing but a storm that has certain pauses that will allow you to regroup and figure out what exactly is going on. Now what you decide to do during your time of observation is on you, but I would pray that you are taking great notes. Allow god to be your pen and pad as you write down the experiences of life. Also allow him to be your voice as your solicit the testimonies of struggle and prosperity. No storm will last always, but even while in it there is hope. Use your brain as an umbrella. Let it protect you and keep you dry as you walk through the rain. Use your heart as a rain coat, so no matter what hits you during a storm, it can just role on off and you keep it moving. Use your inner spirit as your rain boots, that you may stand tall regardless of what happens, knowing your foundation will never be withered. God loves you, he knows your pain and is just waiting for you to allow him to do what he does. Let go today my people, give your worries and your goals to him. He will see you through it and "OUT OF THE STORM"!

Be blessed and have a great week. Speak to someone you don't know. Keep your head up regardless of how bad you feel or how hard your circumstance wants you to break down! Peace!


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